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question about waitlists


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Apr 27, 2005
    So I was looking on MD applicants, and it seems like almost everyone who are invited to interviews don't get rejected, but instead are placed on waitlists if they aren't accepted. I recieved a waitlist last week and I thought i still had a decent shot of acceptance, but now i just think that schools don't reject ppl after interviews anyway. If this were true, doesn't that mean that getting off a waitlist is almost impossible if the waitlist is for everyone who did bad on interviews basically?


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    Aug 14, 2004
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      First of all waitlists aren't necessarily for those who performed poorly on the interview day. Schools probably need more time to evaluate the applicant pool and placing you on a waitlist might be their way of comparing more applicants to you (i.e. ranking). Anyhow there are lots of ppl that come off waitlists from now until school starts and its still fairly early in the game to be accepted, so just hang tight. If you really are interested in the school, perhaps you should write a letter of interest (I think right now is a bit too early for a letter of intent, particularly if you are waiting to hear from other schools).
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