Question/advice for PTs/PTAs regarding working while pregnant

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Nov 6, 2013
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Hi! I'm a PT and just started my 3rd trimester. I usually work outpatient general (ortho, neuro, oncology) full-time but since COVID I have been having to work acute care in our hospital full-time, so I have been doing more heavy lifting of patients than I had originally planned at this point in my pregnancy. Recently it has been getting much more difficult to assist with bed mobility/transfers with my moderate and maximal assist patients and I'm wondering how much longer I should be doing this. I'm also thinking about seeing if I can do more treatments so I can work with patients who I know are min assist, but doubt my rehab director will accommodate that, he would probably just want me to start my leave early rather than "cherry-pick" a physically easier caseload.

TLDR: I don't want to put my baby at risk for a stressed pregnancy, so I'm looking for feedback from other PTs/PTAs: how long did you work through your pregnancy before you went on leave, what setting were you working in, and when did you know it was time to take a step back? This is my first pregnancy so I appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

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Do you really have to do all this lifting? Can you ask someone to help you with transfers or even do them for you, like CNAs? I have not been pregnant, but if it starts to feel difficult for you, it's probably the time to stop doing whatever feels difficult for your, your baby's, and patients' safety.