Question on letters of interest and updates

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May 28, 2017
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Currently I've had a few interviews, a couple of which were waitlists, with no acceptances or rejections post-II. All interviews were at least two months ago. I just received an additional LOR in AMCAS and wanted to send a quick email to schools to confirm it was received.

While I'm at it, would this be an appropriate time to send a letter post-II (depending on if the school receives updates) with some small updates as well as reiterating interest/ noting some new things about their program I've researched, etc? Also, some of the schools had average stats well below mine (edit: they're also OOS and public) and I've heard it's important to show them you're still interested, but I don't know. For my waitlist schools, would it be better to wait to send a more formal letter of interest until the spring? For the schools I haven't heard from pre-II (one state school and several top 20s), would a update letter mean anything to them?

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Sep 13, 2013
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Sounds like you don't have much reason to contact any of the schools, and here's why:
  • If the LOR was uploaded to the portal appropriately, it's been received.
  • If you have BIG updates, send an update letter. If you have SMALL updates, it's not going to help.
  • Letters of interest are generally pretty useless. If you haven't withdrawn your application, they assume you're still interested.
I know waiting sucks and the anxiety eats at you (I felt it once upon a time, too), but my advice is to relax, do something fun to unwind, and keep on waiting.
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