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Nov 16, 2005
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Hello All:

I am preparing a paper on African International Students at top American medical schools. I will appreciate any information any student here can share with me.

I am specifically looking for the following info:

1. Your experience with the MCAT and interviews as an International Student.
2. Did you feel you had to outperform American citizens and / or African permanent residents on the MCAT and in your undergraduate career?
3. What was the interview like for you? Do you believe you had an extra hurdle to cross on the basis of your International Status?
4. If you are currently in school; do you feel alienated, or is there a vibrant African medical community in your school?

If you wouldnt mind sharing your scores, I would appreciate that also.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am looking for answers so I can have a general feel for the direction I should orient my work. I will be investigating self selection, academic success and the immigrant drive as predictors of social achievement.

Congratulations to all of you out there and good luck.
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