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Nov 11, 2004
The Illadelph
Hey guys,

Considering no one really checks the Financial Aid forum, figured Id ask this here.

Im filling out the God Forsaken Need Access form...and its a pain in 4854895894 asses.

Im currently on the Studednt Info page where you have to put all your Tax info from 2004 and predict (WTF) your tax info for 2005.

Problem is this: I didnt file for 2004, I WONT be filing in 2005. Yet I put that and it still requires me to answer a million questions about income and tax stuff. Now, I did make income, just not enoughed to get taxxed on....and I did earn dividends in mutual funds...just not enough to get taxed on.

Do I have to put all those values in, or do I put 0 in every spot anyways since Im not filing?



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May 10, 2004
I think you still have to put all the values in. I'm sure you didn't make very much since you're not filing, so it shouldn't effect your aid that much.