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Discussion in 'Confidential Consult' started by MSmentor020, Aug 10, 2007.

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    First off, we have an Official What are My Chances Thread:

    However, since I've come this far, I decided to atleast give you my personal opinion.

    First off, your GPA is NOT a weak part of your application. I would worry very little about your GPA. If you want to address the family situation in your interview, then gladly do so. ADCOMs might address a significant drop in GPA any one semester on your transcript so make sure you're ready to address that. Also, be prepared to address why you chose medicine after obtaining a engineering degree.

    Secondly, without an actual MCAT score, I'm afraid our advice is limited to this point. Expectations are not always a reality and it'd be pointless for me to say anything more. Study and work hard and do well on your MCATs. Most MD schools like to see MCAT scores of 30+ while osteopathic schools MCAT ranges from low 20's to around 30.

    Overall, I'd say that if you can do well on the MCAT, you should be fine. Also keep in mind that the MCAT is offered multiple times throughout the year now, and so if you take it anytime soon, you shouldn't be too late for the admission cycle. However, if you decide to wait till october or nov. or even later, it might be much harder for you. So there's an extra factor to think about. Best of Luck!
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