Apr 22, 2017
So I have just have a really quick question to all the science majors that end up doing a post bacc for med school: how much does one year worth of classes really affect your GPA? And by extension does it really make that much of a difference for admissions? For instance my science gpa was about 3.42, I calculated it and about 36 units worth of science courses would only raise it up to a 3.54. Is there really any function difference between the two?

My advisor (I'm public health but I asked him out of interest since he also advises premeds) basically made it sound to me like most people that do post baccs end up not securing admission. Is that true? Seems like a huge cash grab by universities imo. Yet I do see a lot of success stories about post baccs. Or is that just a self selecting thing? Failed post baccs aren't likely to post here and all.
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