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Dec 2, 2010
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Hi All,

I technically have my pre-reqs completed, however I am looking to take some other higher level classes and was wondering what you would recommend. Each offers different benefits for me:

Genetics - listed as a 200 level course at my school.
Would this be considered 'higher level'? I have already taken Microbiology (which genetics is a pre-requisite for) and received an A in the class. I want to take it as a brush-up for genetics on the DAT, its the same professor I had for Microbio (she rocks and will be writing a LoR for me), and I thought it would be a good showcase for me to take as there is a research internship / fellowship at a genetics laboratory that I thought taking this class would look good for.

Evolutionary Biology - 300 level class
I considered taking this class as it relates to part of the DAT. Additionally, the professor aided my lab partner and I on part of our research project for Microbio and thought I may be able to acquire another LoR.

Environmental Chemistry - 300 level class
I considered taking this higher level class to show mastery in chemistry, however I question the relevance to the dental field and if it would help or count in GPA calculations.

I have already taken Medical Physiology and Biochemistry; if there was something more biochemically related I would try for that but there is nothing offered next semester.

Do you all have any recommendations?


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Oct 8, 2010
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I would take genetics. You already know the prof and she could write you a LOR which is nice.

For evolution, it might help on the DAT a little bit, but not really necessary. I never took evolution and still did well in biology section of the DAT.

I wouldn't bother with environmental chemistry as it has little applicability to dentistry.