Recommended FL Practice Exam 2015 and rough AAMC score translation


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Aug 20, 2015
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So I am taking my Exam my exam in about a month and scored this:
CP: 51%
CARS 79%
BS: 64%
PS: 71%

Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed after over 3 months of studying to have scored pretty low on my first FL. Recommendations for what FL to take? Particularly for CP?

Thanks in advanced.


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May 25, 2007
To get your score up in that area, you should focus on concepts and recognizing them in context. That is not necessarily going to happen by taking multiple FLs. You need to work on Phy/Che passages and thoroughly grade each question in terms of what was right and what was wrong. Learning is better when you actually write on paper and then go back and review what you did. FLs are great for simulating the test experience, but are not as good of a learning tool as paper-based practice.