Regarding U World scores.

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Aug 30, 2021
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Hello, everyone. I am just feeling low since I hve completed only 40-50% of U World and I plan to give exam by first week of November. I used to score between 70s-80s in U World. Due to my current Internship period , last week I scored below Average in 9 blocks since I couldn't complete the blocks in time and just marked incorrects without thinking much. Later on I started scoring between 80-90.U world now only shows correct% as 70 because of the poor scores in the last score and even if I score>90 , thats not gonna change. So, is it going to affect scores in real exs like I am getting 8-10 incorrects in each block, later to realise what easy questions I got wrong.
Second, Which NBME's to start with to get the baseline give , the sequence to solve , when to attempt UWSA 1 and 2. There r total 200 questions in NBME and 280 in real exam. So, how to add 80 extra questions if I wnt to simulate real exam for each NBME I attempt.
Third, at what gap period one should give NBMEs?
Fourth, After completing NBME and UWSA, I guess I am going to be in my peak , so when should I give my Step 1?

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Don’t tunnel vision too much on your UWorld percentage. It is one predictor of final performance, but far from the most important one. NBMEs once a week during dedicated. Do your two UWSAs the week leading up to your exam. These mock exam metrics are for more predictive of your actual performance; use these to judge your preparedness. Good luck!
I had no specific timeframe for when to take which NBME. Some I scored lower on than others, some higher. Basically my Step scores ended up being about average to top average of all the exams I took to prep.

As for UW, tough to say the scores mean much. I think just doing UWorld, USMLERx, etc. is helpful no matter the score. The more you see and do, the better you get, no matter if you get the Q right or wrong. It simply lessens the probability of seeing a surprise on Test Day.