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Regrets turning down an acceptance


New Member
May 6, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental
    Hey guys,

    I was accepted to an OOS dental school back in January. By March, I haven't heard back from any other schools for interviews so I figured that I was set to go to this school. I submitted my deposit, signed a housing lease, and submitted my security deposit and first month's rent. Then, early April, a school close to home offered me a last minute interview - the interview was the same week they called me. This was one of my top choices, so of course, I went to the interview. They ended up accepting me a week later and gave me two weeks to accept the offer and submit my deposit. However, by that time, I'd already finished finalizing my housing arrangements at the other school. I tried to find someone to replace my spot on the lease, but no one was interested, so by the end of the deposit deadline, I reluctantly turned down my spot at my in-state school. Over the weekend, someone finally messaged me saying they wanted to take my lease at the OOS school. I've been pretty sad about turning down the offer because I wanted to stay in-state and be close to family. In retrospect, I should have just paid the deposit to my top choice to give myself more time to find a replacement for a lease, but I can't afford to drop $4000 on a deposit on a school I wasn't sure if I could actually attend. Now I'm thinking of calling or emailing the school and explaining my situation, but they already gave me a week extension to figure out my housing plans so I don't think they would be willing to make another exception for me. I know I have a slim chance of getting my acceptance back, but should I still try to contact them or should I just give it up and go to the OOS school?


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    5+ Year Member
    Apr 22, 2016
    1. Pre-Dental
      I mean, all they can do is say no and you’d be right where you are now anyways, you might as well shoot your shot so at least there’s a possibility if you do really like your IS school
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      Apr 25, 2018
        I would copy and paste what you typed out here into an email to the director of admissions. These situations are best explained in text so they can reread sentences and see where you're coming from. Phone calls don't have the same flexibility
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