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Discussion in 'Urology' started by kreno, Nov 17, 2005.

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    I'm at a third year med student at a top ten school, but have absolutely no research in Urology. I am very interested now, and did well on my 2 week elective. I do have a publication from undergrad, some research experience (w/o publication) in med school (neurology stuff), but nothing about urology.

    My Step one scores are fine.

    What are my chances for landing a Urology spot at a good place on the east or west coast? Do I need to take a year off to do urology research? Should I maybe just do a year of continued research in my neurology field (I have a howard hughs application that I'm thinking of turning in).

    i need advice!

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    Hey Kreno-

    If you haven't already, you probably should talk to the residency director in your Urology department about how reasonable your chances are. It's hard to say with the amount of info you gave, although good scores and any sort of research should put you in the running. Another resource would be whoever oversees advising medical students interested in matching in the field, and how successful you seem based on the last few years applicants (this may be the same as the residency director, or someone else.)

    I'm also applying in Urology, but taking time to do research. However, I had basically no research experience, and my step 1 scores are a little below the average Urology applicant from my school.

    Another possibility is applying to match next year at the programs that most interest you, and in the event you are not successful, doing research the year following graduation and reapplying can be successful.
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    Research benefits you during your interview as it gives you something to talk about on your application. i don't really think it's the end all be all.

    Most important are board scores, grades, and letters of recommendation. If you get good board scores on step 1, honors in your third year clerkships and your 4th year urology clerkships, and get some letters of recommendation from well known academic urologists, you'll match just fine.

    If you're really interested in the field, I would go ahead and apply. You'll know if you'll match if you get a lot of interview offers.
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    Urology resident here...

    Things have gotten pretty competitive as of late.
    Unfortunately, a lot of programs (including ours) use Step I's as screening...

    Meaning; if you are from Harvard, and your step I score is 1 point below what they cut-off, your application never is seen by the program director.

    This year, our program uses 230 as the cut-off, and then invites applicants from that group after looking through the app.

    Some programs are worse. Last year, for instance, University of Michigan screened at 240. I don't think that's really fair. Someone with a 239 and Junior AOA had no shot, whereas someone with a 241 and nothing else on the plate went down for an interview.

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