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Oct 16, 2003
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I am currently in a MPH program and will be applying to medical school. I am required to do research and possibly publish a paper. I have heard from many medical students and residents that getting a paper published will help get into a solid IM program.

My question is what field should I do my research in. I am not sure of a subspeciality but do have an interest in IM. Any suggestions. Thanks

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Feb 1, 2004
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You don't have to do research in whatever field you end up going into for it to be helpful for you. However, if you do have some idea of a specific field that you are slightly interested in, it wouldn't hurt to try to guide your research towards that specialty either. I'd just reccomend trying to do a research project with some clinical significance. As an MPH student, I'm certain that there are certain criteria that your research must fulfill, but basically, preventative medicine is pertinent towards all medical specialties. If possible, I'd look for a physician researcher who has an interesting project that needs to be started or is already going to get involved with. It's difficult to come up with your own project from scratch unless you know a lot about a particular topic already.