Research Postdoctoral Fellowship in PTSD and/or Women's Health (UCSF/VA San Francisco)

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Apr 3, 2023
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The Stress Trauma and Resilience Lab (directed by Dr. Sabra Inslicht) at The San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC) / University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral fellow. Our research focuses on improving the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of psychological and physical health issues in veterans with PTSD. Ongoing research projects include: Neurobiology of PTSD; physiological, endocrine, and immune responses associated with trauma and PTSD; metabolomics; sleep; human fear conditioning and extinction; wearables and remote measurement; sex differences, infertility, ovarian aging, and menopause; cardiovascular disease risk. The candidate will have opportunities to analyze pre-collected data and disseminate findings, design new research projects, and contribute to ongoing studies.

Applicants must have a Medical Degree (MD) or Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in clinical psychology. MD applicants must have completed an approved residency. For clinical psychology Ph.D. applicants, an APA accredited doctorate in clinical or counseling psychology and APA accredited internship is required. All requirements for the doctoral degree must be completed prior to the start of the fellowship year. US citizenship is required.

For more information: Please contact Dr. Inslicht at [email protected]

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