Research Raffle - How did you get into ENT?

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Aug 15, 2019
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My name is Tyler Gallagher, and I am a USC medical student working with my PI Dr. Tamara Chambers on an IRB-approved study surveying otolaryngology physicians, residents, and medical students about how they found their passion for the field. In light of recent efforts to increase interest and diversity in otolaryngology, we wanted to investigate avenues to increase outreach and decrease disparities in intent to pursue otolaryngology.

We would greatly appreciate your help in completing this short 5-minute survey. We recognize surveys take time, so we are planning to raffle off a $50 VISA gift card to thank participants for their help (link seen after submission).

Please find a link to the survey here: ENT Interest Survey

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you!


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As a reminder--we do allow IRB approved research surveys to be posted with the approval letter, which appears to be provided here. So this is allowed :)
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