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Mar 4, 2013
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Hey all,

Im an OMS 3 interested in Emergency Medicine. I was looking for general advice on ERAS/VSAS. I've been working on my CV and personal statement as well as looking up programs from FREIDA. I been researching which programs take DO's and if they have specific board score requirements (i have a 223 USMLE). DO any fourth years or residents have any ERAS/VSAS advice? I've been told to get titers and immunizations done early because they can be time consuming, any other advice about things to get done early either you were told or things you wish you had known when you a third year would be greatly appreciated.

Also I have my third year EM rotation next month and looking for resources. Im a big fan of Onlinemeded, I think I learn best with their resources combined with UW. I was considering running through their IM vids and FA for wards for EM. If anyone has any resources they used please feel free to share them.
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