Advice for Building Psychiatry Application

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Nov 3, 2023
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Hi everyone!

I'm currently a second year at a state school. I have determined that I want to practice psychiatry and was hoping to get some advice as to best build and tailor my resume. I am plan on taking Step and Comlex.

As of now, this is what I have going on:

Middle of the class, academically speaking (pass/fail)
Volunteer at a free health clinic in my hometown (300 hrs since 2021) - only 20 or so hours of volunteering in the town my medical school is in
Working on a research project, joining onto 2 others in the coming week
Treasurer for the Student National Medical Association
Member of the Neurology and Psychiatry Club
Training to become a crisis text line volunteer
Scholar in a program focused on care for urban and rural underserved communities
OMM Tutor

*I have recently been shadowing a psychiatrist every other week for about 4 hours. I love getting to see the work they do, and I have learned so much in the few weeks I have spent at their clinic. They have offered to reserve Thursdays for me to come in, which is beyond exciting!

Is there anything else I ought to be doing to help my application scream psychiatry?

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