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Sep 6, 2016
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I am medical student in the 5th year. I will finish Med School in 2 years in Romania and would like to go for Residency in Austria. I have studied German for 8 years in school, so can resume this in the remaining 2 years.

I joined a student sociecty and have done numerous surgery workshops and trainings , the last 2 being Basic Microsurgery Skills and Advanced Microsurgery Skills where we performed sutures on leaves and petals for training and then moved on to rat carotid artery, aorta , nerves , veins and ultimately vascular pedicle flap from inghinal region to neck region. This is what I found the most interesting and there is a small group that have continued training in our hostipal lab in Bucharest. I plan on doing my license in this field.

I would like someone to explain to me how can I apply for Residency in Austria:

What are the steps for applying?
Where are the best Plastic Hostpitals in Austria?
Do I have to take a Residency Exam or not?
I would also be interested in a Summer Practice Program, so that I can see the actual system for 2-3 months if possible.

Thank you in adavance
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