1. B

    Gen Surg rank list

    Hi all, obviously down to the wire here and I'm trying to turn over every stone I can. I am pretty solid on my rank list but agonizing over my top 3: Georgetown, Jefferson, and Umass. I know they are all good programs, but I'm trying to figure out as much as I can about their...
  2. S

    CME Huge discount on courses at

    Keen to build your CV, learn new skills and stand out from your colleagues? Tired of paying huge fees for medical courses? As a special offering to SDN, courses at ‘’ are now available at heavily discounted prices. Hamid Tehrani, Consultant Plastic surgeon in Liverpool, has...
  3. S

    Specialty Choice: Anesthesia or Surgery?

    Even before I started medical school, I was hoping and dreaming of becoming a surgeon. I worked with surgeons and anesthesiologists in a level 1 trauma center for a year before I started school, and I loved the stressful situations, the communication skills you develop, the general "type of...
  4. H

    Nontrad trans URM, not enrolled in pre-med yet, interested in plastics

    Here’s my academic story— 2003 — Graduated straight A student in HS 2007 — Struggled with undiagnosed ADHD and never finding the appropriate subject fit; low GPA at small liberal arts school (2.4 I believe) in a non-STEM field. Toward the end I was involved in a horrible abusive relationship...
  5. Mined23

    Pre-med gap year advice

    Hi I’m an accepted MD student starting in 2024. I’m looking for advice if there’s something I could be doing during my current gap year that might help on a residency application. I am interested in surgery specialties, would it make sense to get more research? If research before med school is...
  6. N

    Peripheral Nerve Research Fellows in Plastic Surgery

    Peripheral Nerve Research Fellows in Plastic Surgery Position Title: Clinical Research Fellow # of Positions: 1 Duration: Fall 2023-Fall 2024 (optional second year) Details| Neuropax Clinic LLC Robert Hagan, MD is pleased to invite interested individuals to submit an application to become the...
  7. ChaosArcher

    Is it worth specializing in SA Internal Med?

    So I'm at a dilemma, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've always assumed I would leave vet school and go into general practice right away- it's the pragmatic choice, after all, and I've always been a pragmatic thinker. Diving straight in would mean I could start getting a good salary...
  8. J

    Share your thoughts on a surgical preference card app idea

    Hello everyone, I'm working on an idea for a surgical preference card app designed to help medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and scrub techs manage surgical preferences in the operating room. Before diving into the project, I'd like to gather valuable insights and feedback from you...
  9. theNDhopeful44

    Applying to fellowship with history of probation in residency

    Thread deleted.
  10. mo309

    Ocean State Veterinary Specialists- SA Internship Experiences?

    Hi all! I'm a 3rd year planning on going into a rotating internship and eventual surgery residency. I was wondering if anyone has had experiences with Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in either an intern or resident capacity, or knows someone that has. I would appreciate any info! Thanks...
  11. K

    Which General Surgery programs are the Least Competitive?

    Whether they are malignant or at a remote location, I hear about the most competitive allot, but nothing about the least competitive to enter (for a DO) Essentially, My application is pretty bad, but I am on a surgery rotation right now and am falling in love with it. I don't care where in the...
  12. G

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY-1 Preliminary/Categorical General Surgery Positions

    Good afternoon everyone, I know this is a long shot, but no harm in posting. I am a recently graduated (2022) US IMG who went unmatched in the previous cycle. I scour websites daily for positions in PGY-1 Preliminary/Categorical General Surgery or any other Preliminary/Transitional Year programs...
  13. R

    How do you recommend making a list of medical schools to apply to?

    If I am interested in pursuing competitive surgical specialties, how should I go about curating my list of medical schools to apply to? What would you recommend while researching these schools? Which ones do you recommend for me? Thank you, I really appreciate your help.
  14. A

    Proof for Shadowing?

    Hey guys! I've been shadowing a surgeon this entire summer and this is my last week. I wanted to know how we should document our shadowing hours as proof to show on our medical school apps. Should I ask the surgeon to write me a letter that acknowledges the amount of hours that I've shadowed at...
  15. D

    Position Wanted Categorical or Preliminary or transitional position for PGY 1

    Hey guys, I am a 4th year medical student who was unable to match. Please, I am looking for categorical or any prelim/transitional year positions that may become available. Please message me if you see any opportunities, it would be greatly appreciated. I have all my documents ready upon...
  16. S

    Position Wanted Current gen surg PGY2 prelim at Hopkins looking for pgy3 categorical spot

    Hi, I'm currently a pgy-2 preliminary doing General Surgery at Johns Hopkins. I have over 260 in the steps and the best Absite score in my class scoring 99th percentile and have great evaluations from my attendings and peers. I'm currently sitting at 290 major cases but I'm expecting to finish...
  17. S

    Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Interview Thread - 2022

    Hey everyone, Since application season is rapidly approaching, I thought I would get this started for all the Surg Crit Care and ACS applicants. I'm hoping this can be a page to compare notes on applications and programs, as well as keep a running list of which programs have sent out...
  18. Futuredogtorwoof


  19. D

    How do I know surgery is the right fit for me?

    I'm doing internship in Europe at the moment and I'll need to pick a specialty in April. The thing is, that I am completely lost and can't put my finger on what to pick. I find bad sides to every specialty when I think about it and because there are so many choices I have analysis paralysis...
  20. H

    ACGME case log system

    I have some questions about the case log system currently in use for surgery resident programs in US. I'm a Dutch business student studying such applications across the world and US seem to be quite advanced with this. Is the ACGME case log system mandatory to use by surgical residents? If yes...
  21. A-poor-student

    Need help with Specialty choice. And recommendations

  22. G

    Prereading before gensurg intern year

    I'm a nontrad med student (MS4) who just applied into General Surgery. I have a few months off between my graduation and July 1 and really need some advice on what resources I should use to keep my medical knowledge current before starting internship. A lot of residents say things along the...
  23. R

    Rads applicant - Worried I will miss the OR / surgery

    TLDR: I'm applying to radiology this upcoming cycle but I'm worried that I will miss the OR and patients. This past week I had a ton of fun with robotic/laparoscopic surgeries, and an attending who knows me well told me my personality and surgery preferences point towards ENT or Urology. He...
  24. D

    Surgery residency, alt specialties

    Hi all, I’m a 4th year student applying for internships. Im interested in surgery, neurology, and comp med/lab animal. I keep being drawn to surgery as a specialty as it would offer the most opportunity (and I enjoy surgery) - I would be able to do neurologic surgeries in addition to other...
  25. habbohomer

    Can Anesthesiologists refuse to work a case for any reason?

    Whether it be that you don't like the surgeon, the patient was your childhood bully, you find cosmetic surgery immoral, etc.. Where is the line? When can you refuse to work a case, and how does it affect you?
  26. R

    Plastic Surgery/Hand Surgery Research Position

    Apply Now Research Assistant - MedStar Health MedStar Health Research Institute · Research-MCRC Baltimore, MD Research Full Time, Day Shift, M-F 8a-4:30p Hours/Week: 40.00 Posted 03/17/2020 Req # 29210 Job Summary Under direct or close supervision, provides...
  27. R

    Young CST lost and confused about where to go next...

    Hope all of you are having a good weekend so far! I just turned 19, and I'm finishing up my surgical technology license in July. I'm currently finishing up my last bit of clinicals. I graduated from high school early at 17 and ended up in the CST program at my community college. However, I...
  28. R

    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Surgery Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

    Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 2 CK Surgery Lecture Notes 2018, Brand new. $25 and free shipping
  29. R

    Plastic Surgery/Hand Surgery Research Position

    Join the Curtis National Hand Center research team and collaborate with the Johns Hopkins University Department of Plastic Surgery for 1 or 2 years of basic science and clinical research projects. Apply Here Research Assistant Category: Research Job Requisition: 29210 Department: Research-MCRC...
  30. P

    Endocrine Surgery Match 2020

    Anyone applying this year?
  31. A

    Wanting to eventually work in Switzerland - how to go about this?

    Hi there, I'm currently a premed student in the US and it's my dream to eventually live and work as a surgeon in Switzerland (I've fallen in love with Geneva and it's close to family). I speak french fluently, and am a UK citizen. I was wondering what the best path to practising in Switzerland...
  32. F

    *** Vascular Surgery Fellowship Match 2019/2020 ***

    Hey everyone! Applications are open for vascular surgery fellowship and invitations are being slowly released. Feel free to share the programs that have already sent out invitations. Good luck everyone and see you at the interviews! Updated list...
  33. P

    Autonomy in vascular integrated

    Could some people please weigh In concerning the level of autonomy residents get in your respective programs by year? Ideally I am interested in hearing from Vascular residents But I am also interested to hear from people in the other integrated specialties.
  34. A

    Is Despising General Chemistry A Good Reason To Quit Pre-Med?

    Howdy!! To sum up my situation, I want to briefly mention that for a long time I have had a lot of motivation towards being a doctor and pursuing medical school. During high school, I was a huge math nerd and was never huge into the physical sciences, but for a while since my senior year, I...
  35. Y

    Is this an efficient way to study for my surgery rotation?

    Hello, So here's my situation at the moment: I'm currently on my surgery rotation in medical school and I have to study a big textbook in the next 6 weeks (when my evaluation is scheduled) while I also have to answer questions daily on the wards about anything my tutor wants that day (I can be...
  36. K

    Where to shadow in Dallas area?

    Hi all. I live in the Plano area and am having trouble finding physicians to shadow. Any physicians out there that would be open to having a shadow for a while? Or pre-med/med students that have shadowed a doctor in the Dallas area that can give me a recommendation? Thanks!
  37. FutureMSTP

    Clinical Shadowing Problems

    I finally have an opportunity to shadow in a surgical specialty. However, I actually haven't started shadowing. I met a resident sometime time ago at a research conference and then got into contact with her through email. I did the paperwork and got my badge so I can start shadowing her. The...
  38. is0632894

    Advice on deciding General Surgery (to Transplant Surgery) v Oto (to Facial Plastics)

    Hi all, I am in a slight dilemma and would appreciate the input of any attendings or people pursuing the following fields. I appreciate any candid advice. With the upcoming match application opening date approaching, I find myself split between the possibility of pursuing two different...
  39. D

    Lost a categorical spot I didn't know I had

    Just posting to share my story although now irrelevant, I kind of need to vent. I (a DO) applied to general surgery last year and did not match in AOA or acgme. During the soap my #1 acgme program where I interviewed offered me a preliminary spot. I took it thinking this could be a second...
  40. greg.house1408

    Multi-visceral transplant surgeons: interested in becoming one, tell me what I need to know

    I have been interested in transplant surgery for a long time. I've done some clinical research in the field, rotated through transplant as a 3rd year elective rotation, and have a personal desire to become a transplant surgeon. Lately, I've been considering the possibility of trying to...