Resources for Students Who Could Not Shadow a DO Due to COVID-19

Jun 5, 2020
Hello everyone, due to COVID-19 I understand many students have faced hardships which affected their applications in unique ways. One hardship I faced was a DO shadowing plan which was canceled in March due to COVID-19. I have searched long and hard since and cold called osteopathic practices within my state with no shadowing plans in sight. Many secondaries ask for detailed explanations of why DO, and I feel that without objective evidence I can not support any claim I make about my interest in DO.

Simply put, what resources could myself and other students who could not shadow a DO utilize to gain a better understanding of osteopathic medicine? This could be Instagram handles, Twitter handles, Youtube Channels, Documentaries, webpage linkes, useful advice etc.

These are my stats in case you are curious:

  • My MCAT was from 2018. My MCAT for 2020 was canceled with rescheduling options made available for August which is too late for me so I completely canceled it.
  • I also volunteered for about 30 hours packaging food for the homeless and people facing financial hardship in 2018


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Jan 6, 2017
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I’m in the same boat, was planning to shadow a DO in March but cancelled... it looks like most schools require or highly recommend a do letter : ( I’m hoping to shadow a do doctor in Sept/Oct so that I can send an update

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