Retaking classes.

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Apr 29, 2008
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I am looking at my college catalog and it is possible for me to finish college in Fall 2009.
I have made C's in a few optometry school pre-requisites courses. Should I take Spring 2010 to repeat those courses for to get A's? Will it increase the chances of getting admitted?

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I am not sure how much it will help if you are applying for the Fall 2010 semester since schools will probably accept/reject before your scores for that semester are reported.
ex: You are applying Fall 09 (for F10 entering class), if you apply early (which is recommended for schools with rolling admissions) they possibly wont even see your fall grades before they make a decision.

If you are sure you're going to take those courses over, it may be more beneficial to you to take them F08/S09, that way the grade is replaced by the time you apply, and will raise your pre-req GPA. There will be pre-reqs for the schools that you are applying to that you will not have completed yet, but most (if not all) schools allow you to have a couple pre-reqs that you just need to complete before classes begin.

That is just my opinion though. If you have a couple schools in mind, just shoot them an email and get their official responses.
Assuming I retake classes, I plan to graduate either Fall 2009 or Spring 2010. Then work for about a year. Therefore, I probably won't enter optometry school until 2011.
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I got a couple of C's too (ochem I, genchem I). I was fine. How many C's are we talking?
I got a couple of C's too (ochem I, genchem I). I was fine. How many C's are we talking?

Not as many as I thought. I just looked at my online transcript and I have
a C in calculus (F then C after retaking), genetics, cell biology, general physics 2, organic chemistry I (Fs then C after retaking)

I got a D in microbiology but got a B after retaking the course.

I may only retake genetics and cell biology, but they are not a pre-req. for optometry school. They are only on the list of recommended courses for optometry school on my university's website. Not sure if it would help retaking a non pre-req course.
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