Question about retaking classes and post-bacc (low gpa)?

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Mar 22, 2019
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Hey! I'm currently a senior and was planning on applying to optometry school next summer. However, I have realized that my science gpa is too low and retaking some bio/chem classes is probably what I should do. I also will not graduate Spring 2020 because of some personal issues I had before and I need to take more classes to fulfill my major requirement. I might have to take classes until Fall 2021 before I can graduate. I want to apologize in advance for my ignorant questions, but I just really need some guidance. My plan was to take the OAT June 2021 and start applying around August, but can I still do this if I am retaking bio and chem classes/shadowing at the same time? As in apply but then update my grades/shadowing hours later? I asked a friend and she suggested I not apply in 2021 and just finish up my requirements for graduation and retake a couple science classes or do a post-bacc to boost up my gpa. Then study for the OAT and apply. But this would mean applying in August of 2022, two years from now. Also can someone give a timeline of the application process, like when to take the OAT, when to apply, when are interviews, and then when optometry school finally starts? Again, I decided on this career not too long ago and I apologize for any stupid questions. It's just so overwhelming since I'm 21 rn and & prob be 23 when I apply and I already feel like i'm too late in doing this whole thing. I still need to make time to shadow, retake these classes, study for the OAT, take the OAT, apply, etc. Any help is really appreciated!

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