Reusing essays - good idea during reapplying?

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Sep 26, 2022
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Hi all, I applied this cycle to a few schools but unfortunately did not get in. Therefore, I will be reapplying this cycle to mostly the same schools. I have contacted the schools and the vast majority of them have remarked that my GPA is my reason for not getting an admittance offer. Since I have to reapply this cycle, I was wondering if it is ok to reuse the same essays and personal statement for my application. I have heard from a few schools that one of my strong points was my essays. I would be updating them slightly on the things that have changed during this past year but I wanted to see the general consensus on this and if anyone has any experience with reusing their question answers. Thanks!

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I reused every essay when I applied for 3 years straight. I did fine tune them a bit, but Admissions at VMRCVM said they loved my essays and that they can be reused. You can always have more people look at your essays and see if there is room for improvement or changes. Make sure the prompts are the same as last cycle.
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It just depends on how good your essays were. Getting a file review may be informative to let you know if people thought they were good or not. I would recommend reviewing them critically at least…surely you have something to add over the last year?
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