1. J

    Pros and cons of UF LSU Arizona and (just for fun) Cornell

    Hey all! So I haven’t even applied yet but I just want to hear more about schools. I’m applying to UF LSU Arizona and for ****s and giggles I’m applying to Cornell (though I 100% will never get in) I just want to hear from people the pros and cons of each school if you go to or went to any of them.
  2. ny.luong249

    Is NIH-Postbac helpful for vet school?

    Has anyone joined a post-bac program before vet school? I'm graduating this year and plan to apply for the Fall 2023 cycle, so I will have a gap year. I just got accepted to the post-bac NIH IRTA program to do research at NIH for 1 year. However, the lab that hires me focuses on clinical trials...
  3. sydneyrcam

    South Carolina Pre-Vet Students!

    We are few and far between, but calling pre-vet students from SC! Being from a state without a vet school, what is your plan for your vet school application? How have you met other pre-vets, and what school do you currently go to? Let’s talk!
  4. B


    Hello, I am currently a sophomore pre-veterinary student and I am struggling. I did pretty well for my first year of undergrad last year finishing with a 3.57 GPA. This semester has been a different story however. In the first month of school I had an unexpected surgical procedure and I went...
  5. vsanc085

    WAMC? Class of 2026!

    Hiiiii! I'm a female from Miami, age 22, first time traditional applicant for the class of 2026. Planning on applying to Colorado State, Washington State, University of Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Tufts Uni, Upenn, UGA, and University of Tennessee. I am planning on going into wildlife...
  6. C

    UPenn or wait?

    So I have just been accepted to University of Pennsylvania Vet school! I am so excited and honored, but the thing is I am having a hard time with the price. I am in a bit of a hard place because I was rejected from everywhere else and got waitlisted at VA-MD. I am toying with two options: go to...
  7. bird.nerd

    2026 Personal Statement Readers!

    I figured I would copy and paste this from last year because this really helped me last year when perfecting my essays as a second time applicant! :) Since VMCAS opened back in January for this current cycle, that means there's much more time available for applicants to have their essays...
  8. carlyrsmith

    Looking for advice from second time applicants for vet school!

    Hi everyone! I was looking for advice from anyone who has applied for vet school more than one time. I'm a nontraditional student who has been in the field since 2008 (I'm 28), and I have a BA in theatre (2017) and my RVT license. I have a truckload of experience but a science GPA of 3.2, a...
  9. N


    Hi! I am a senior at UGA and I'm finishing up my rec's now. I am worried about my chances because of my GPA. I have about a 3.2, 3.4 sGPA. I still have a chance with this last year to pull that up some but not really that much so I will likely end at most at a 3.3overall and 3.5sGPA. I have been...
  10. 1

    WAMC C/O 2025 - NC Resident

    Hello everyone! I had posted this forum back in may when I was putting my application together, however I thought I would post some updated stats now that my applications are submitted in hopes that you all would have some input on my chances! I am a pre-vet student at a small liberal arts...
  11. LeahKesley

    Volunteering/job shadowing during a pandemic

    Hi, I’m really curious to see if there are pre-vets out there who have tried volunteering during this pandemic. Not very few vets were available for shadowing in my area, and I want to start as soon as possible. Are there any virtual shadowing options?
  12. L

    What courses should I be taking

    I am a student at the University of Missouri and am trying to set up my schedule so that I am able to apply to as many vet schools as possible. I have looked at the course requirements for a good amount of vet schools but I have no idea if the courses that I am taking will match up with them...
  13. snowtzu821

    WAMC c/o 2025

    Hi! So, I was planning on applying to vet school this cycle but I have been getting rather discouraged at my lack of variety of experience. I’m a Nevada resident hoping to apply for WICHE (if it doesn’t get defunded). I was hoping to apply to the WICHE schools (CSU, Oregon, WSU, and Midwestern)...
  14. Dana_May_B

    WAMC? High GPA/Low Experience Hours

    Hello! I am currently a sophomore in college and I am on track to graduate a year early (spring 2021) so I am applying to vet school this summer. I have two advisors giving me different opinions on my chances at certain vet schools, one says I need to apply to 9 different vet schools because my...
  15. F

    Introduction/ Questions

    Hey All! My name is Max, I’m a sophomore biology student at Rowan U on a pre-vet track....Currently, I have an atrocious 2.5 GPA, but this semester I am on track to earn the first 4.0 semester of my college career! (Turns out I do pretty well when I wear my hearing aids in class LOL).... I am...
  16. doctor-who

    Successful Applicants c/o 2024

    Congratulations to those who have heard happy news already! Please post your stats to help other applicants as the acceptances roll in. The format from years before is posted below. Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied...
  17. A


    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone would be willing to give me an advice, tips, words of encouragement, etc. I am a 24 year old undergrad student with one year left after this semester ends. I plan to apply to vet school possible next year. My current GPA is 3.66, but after this semester I am...
  18. Histologylover

    Applying With No Animal Experience

    Hello! I am currently a senior looking to apply to vet school in hopes of becoming a vet pathologist afterwards. I think my stats are pretty good other than having no animal experience. I have a 3.8 cGPA, 4.0 sGPA, and 4.0 GPA over the last 3 semesters. I am taking the GRE soon and my practice...
  19. Falconette85

    Readmission to Vet School

    Hello everyone. I am a first year vet student that didn't pass anatomy by one point. The end result: dismissal from CVM. The faculty of CVM appeared to be supportive and offered to help me deal with this before I petition to be readmitted in fall 2020. In the mean time, I am required to take...
  20. A

    Grade forgiveness effects?

    Hi I didn't take highschool chem and wound up with a D in Chem 1. I'm doing grade forgiveness, which will save my gpa from being affected. However, Im pretty sure the D will stay on my transcripts. How do vet schools factor this in? Do they calculate what my gpa would be with the D in there?
  21. L

    Advice for a freshman in undergrad?

    Hi everyone! I’m finishing up the second semester of my freshman year of undergraduate as a pre-veterinary major and it seems like it has flown by! Although I have gotten good grades and gotten involved in many extracurriculars this year, I am often left wondering if I am doing enough to stand...
  22. Nova11Athena

    Vet school‘s that don’t look at science gpa

    Do y’all know what schools don’t consider overall science gpa. What schools just look at their required course for science grades? My science gpa overall is horrendous. Also, what schools are leaning more towards experience than gpa?
  23. schnauzerlover94

    Ross University August 2019

    Didn’t see a thread for this and I have some questions. I am specifically looking to talk to a current Ross student who has a dog on the island. If you match the description and are willing to talk with me let me know! I would be very grateful!
  24. L

    Freshman year of undergraduate and stressed about grades

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a second semester freshman majoring in pre-veterinary sciences and have a few questions about undergraduate grades. First semester was great and I made a 3.75 GPA, I was a member of pre-vet club and was very optimistic about going to vet school. I've always had very...
  25. hachandl

    Question about what counts as experience?

    Hi guys! I hope I am posting this in an appropriate place! I'm going to be applying to veterinary school this cycle and had a question about what counts as experience. I've gathered that most anything involving live animals (other than just owning pets, except if you are giving medical...
  26. mwnewt

    Considering a gap year...

    So, I'm a senior right now, studying for my finals and this semester I've found really hard. Attending class and focusing in class had been tough, and this will probably be the worst of my semesters. I actually think I might be just slightly burning out and I'm heavily considering a gap year...
  27. D

    Knocked while I'm already down (RANT/ pre-vet help?)

    I started off freshman year great. I'm a biology major. I had a 3.7 gpa first semester. Second semester rolls around, i'm in 100% science classes and a psych class, and I end up with straight C's and a cumulative gpa of 2.7. I'm SO disappointed in myself even though I did work really hard; but I...
  28. A

    Graduate School

    Does anyone have experience on how schools calculate GPA when you have Graduate courses? I am currently in an MBA program and am having trouble finding out if the masters GPA will be factored in. Thanks!
  29. Pistachio556

    Penn Vet supplemental

    Hi all, Officially applied... now just need to do the Supplemental form. Has anyone done this already? Just curious as to what they ask on it, want to make sure I’m prepared since you can’t save/edit/re-open once you start it. Curious as to what they ask on it
  30. A

    How many vet exp. hours do you work a year, in pre-vet

    just on average.
  31. A

    How do I get the experience for my application?

    I just don't know where to start. Can someone give me a play by play of how I get a hold of these oppurtunities.
  32. P

    Anyone else switch from pre-vet to pre-med?

    Hi all, I am in somewhat of an uncommon situation, but I'm wondering if anyone here (be it a fellow pre-med, med student, doctor, etc) has switched from pre-vet to pre-med. I am planning on staying in my animal sciences degree since I graduate in three semesters and all of my pre-reqs for med...
  33. J

    Melbourne Aquarium Program for Pre Vet Experience?

    I’m a first-year university student, studying for a zoology major, and am aiming for vet school down the line. I’d love to work (eventually) at a zoo or with exotics- I’ve always been really fascinated by marine life, and so my ideal job would most likely be an aquatic veterinarian. Pretty niche...
  34. hopeful_vet2026

    Working on VMCA app...looking for advice!

    Hello! I am currently working on my first cycle application to 2 different programs and have some questions, would love some advice, just to feel like I'm submitting the best application that I can. Here is some info about me: I'm a non-traditional student (a 32 year old mother of 2) who has...
  35. O

    Job shadowing/trying to get into Vet med

    Hi there, I have always had a passion for animals and an interest in Veterinary medicine. Over the last decade, I have obtained two college diplomas (one in Law and Security, the other in Culinary Arts). The kitchen has equipped me with a universe of life experience. In highschool I did not...
  36. B

    GI Bill for In-state tuition=In-state classification for acceptance pool?

    Hi all, New here and just getting into the nitty gritty for figuring out what I want to do once I resign from active duty. I qualify for 100% GI Bill, and I know that with the Veteran Access/Choice Accountability Act we qualify for in-state tuition at any public IHE. My question is: does that...
  37. O

    Tufts c/o 2023

    Anyone else thinking about applying to Tufts c/o 2023?? This is my second time applying, and I really loved the school when I visited this year!
  38. G

    Veterinary Medicine versus Human Medicine

    Hi, i am a student who studies in Singapore and am interested to find out what are people's opinions of Veterinary Medicine versus Human Medicine. I've always wanted to be a doctor since I knew what it was as a child, it has always been at the back of my head. It is like a subconscious thing...
  39. thehopefulvet

    How old can your veterinary experience on an application be?

    I am planning on applying to vet school in two years (I just have some pre-reqs that I have to take in sequence). I came from an arts background and was unhappy with that and not sure of what I wanted to do. I was thinking about a veterinary career path, so after dropping out of school I got a...
  40. B