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May 30, 2002
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Hey guys~

My 1st time MCAT is in about little less than 2 month away(starting to panic a bit...)

And unfortunatly, I didn't get to really start to review til yesterday...but right now I have a dilemma in terms of which bk I should use to review science....

I have a Princeton's huge fat science review book from '99...seem very time consuming...

and I also have this year's Kaplan course science review bks(got it from a friend who signed up for the course, but later decided being doctor was not him)....

Which books shold I use that is time efficient with realistic chance of doing well(~30)???
Please help~ asap...
:confused: :confused: :confused:

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Apr 8, 2002
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It is very important to find out at what level you are at. I would advice to do some sort of short diagnostic test and if you do not have one, go ahead and do a full-length test. It would be also good if you updated your book to something that is close to 2002 because the test might have changed for the last 3 years.



Don't panic. Two months is plenty of time. I didn't really start any significant studying until 2 weeks before the exam (I was slightly panicked :) ) I remember in mid-March, approx. two months before my April exam, taking the Kaplan Full Length #2 and sitting there in the middle of the Physical Science and thinking, "this is as hard as hell, there is no way I'm going to EVER get into med school." I freaked out. Well needless to say all that worry, while eventually forcing me to gear up and study, was for naught. I ended up with a 33+ in April, much to my relief. You have two months and if you start full force now, you'll be absolutely fine!
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