Dec 29, 2010
Hi everyone

I am currently designing an online survey and was hoping for some advice about rewarding survey respondents.

At first, I was planning on providing every respondent with a $1 online gift card to a well-known shopping site. While I know that $1 seems like a laughable amount, I thought that it would allow me to collect participants that would otherwise not participate. I believe that for many people, being entered into a drawing with slim odds is not very enticing. I thought that perhaps the instant gratification of the small gift card (which could buy a song) thus made sense. What do you all think of this kind of reward setup?

I am also considering doing a drawing because I know that the former reward system might quickly turn into a logistical nightmare.

If I do go ahead with the drawing, what monetary amount is recommended? $20? $100? More? Should I offer multiple prizes? Money is not a huge issue for me due to funding.

Lastly, is there any research on this subject that someone can point me to? I remember reading that when it comes to tasks requiring rudimentary cognitive skills, higher rewards are often in fact counter-productive.

Thanks in advance
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