Resources for finding research participants

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Sep 18, 2023
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I am a clinical psychology PhD student currently working on my dissertation on attitudes towards evidence based practices. I'm looking to recruit psychologists to participate in my study. The tasks consist of watching a ~7min video and 3 - 8 min of surveys. Participants can enter into a raffle for one of two $100 Amazon gift cards (Here is the link:

I'm hoping to recruit 150 psychologists (PsyD/PhD/postdocs). Does anyone have any advice regarding where I can post my study and for getting participants? 😬

Thank you!

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Some professional allow for posting if you check with the admin first. Some state psych associations allow legitimate research requests on their listservs after running it by the appropriate people. You can also buy the e-mail lists of all psychologists in a state from some state psych boards.
Oh that's great! I never heard of that - I'll look into it. Do you happen to know of any specific psych state boards that sell their e-mail list? Thanks!