1. G

    MD Rochester Housing?

    Hey there pals, first time poster. I got accepted at U Rochester Medical (yay!) but wasn't offered housing until earlier this month. I signed the lease because it was really my only option, but it's for a 2Br/1Bth in graduate housing, and I've had negative amounts of luck finding a roommate. Any...
  2. medshousing

    Renting Mayo Clinic 10 blocks away! Rochester MN Studio Furnished

    WWW.MedsHousing.com Listing # 43404 As posted on www.MedsHousing.com Completely furnished studio apartment in a quiet professional 3-plex. This apartment is on the second story of an older updated home. It is a 10 block walk to Mayo Clinic and downtown. 1 block from the city bus stop. Rent is...
  3. S

    Case Western vs Rochester

  4. S

    Case Western vs Rochester

  5. germindian123

    Rochester Perio Program !!

    Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone had any info on Eastman Oral Health Rochester Perio program. I know the director is Dr. Caton. I asked the perio chair at my school and he said he did not know as much about the program. Please PM me if you have any current info! Thank you!
  6. M

    URochester versus Downstate

    I would appreciate any feedback for these two schools! Rochester has a great reputation, really nice facilities, and a very supportive/inspiring community. Cons include weather/location and lack of recorded lectures, though they do provide detailed syllabi. Being from NYC, I'm also attracted to...
  7. futurehealthcarecompanion

    Brown vs. Rochester

    Hello! Long time lurker here. Grateful to be in a position of having options. As the deadline looms, I am having difficulty making my decision, and I would love some insight on Warren Alpert (Brown) and Rochester. I found during my interviews the two schools to be very similar and enjoyed both...
  8. R

    MD & DO Rochester General Radiology??

    Post removed for TOS violation.

    Rochester Univeristy AEGD program 2018-2019

    Hello everyone! I created this topic to share any information about Rochester AEGD program 2018-2019 application. Good luck for all of us! "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." Dalai lama
  10. camtheram1815

    MCW vs Rochester

    Hello all, I've got some time to kill at work, so why not? Just hoping to get some insights about a potentially tough decision I'll have to make come May. I have an interest in neurosurgery so I've somewhat factored that in to help me decide. Priorities are cost of attendance, overall student...
  11. T

    Rochester v. UMass v. GW

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide between Rochester, Umass, and GW. Interest in IM and Psychiatry. Leaning away from GW because they give grades during Preclinical. I'm also on the Waitlist at NYU, and am curious if I should hold out for that and/or put a bunch of effort into trying to get off the...
  12. N

    Surgery Matching

    Please don't accuse me of being naive for positing this question, but I had a question about Match lists. So I'm applying to the following BS/MD Program Medical schools and I was doing some simple statistical analysis. I am only interested in surgery, so I compiled data on matches into surgical...
  13. M

    What is the University of Rochester's MD/PhD Interview like?

    What is the University of Rochester's MD/PhD interview like? I got an interview there and I want to be prepared.
  14. DDSNY15

    Rochester AEGD International Program 2016

    Hello, Everyone! Started this post for those that want to post about Rochester AEGD international program 2016 Invitations/ rejections/ accommodations and everything else. Best of Luck
  15. B

    TX resident apply out of state?

    As a TX resident with solid stats and decent EC's, is it worth it to apply to out of state schools? I've been told my stats are good enough for any school (I know I'd still be lucky to get into a top school because this whole process is crazy) and my EC's are average for a med school applicant...
  16. calidermatologist2023

    Medical Scribe (Gaining Clinical Experience) in Rochester, NY

    Hi, How does one go about finding medical scribe opportunities around the New York (especially Rochester) area or just looking for medical scribe positions in general? I looked up positions on ScribeAmerica as well as MedScribe.com but have not heard back from those places yet. I also tried...
  17. A

    Rochester vs Hofstra vs Downstate

    Hey everyone, Thanks for clicking on this thread! I was recently accepted off the waitlist at both Rochester and Hofstra and need to make me decision soon. Previously committed to Downstate before I got these two acceptances. I'm interested in fielding any and all opinions you fellow SDNers...
  18. bostoncollegemgh

    Mayo (Full Tuition) vs. Sinai (60% tuition)

    The difference will come to $54,000 over the 4 years. Mayo is a great place. I completely understand it's educational value, opportunities and how I could perceivably do better there academically. Of course the hospital is on another level and completely outshines Sinai. However, I absolutely...
  19. MHrndz

    University of Rochester vs Case Western Reserve University

    Hey Everyone! So I am having a really hard time trying to decide between Rochester and Case. I had a great time during both of my interviews and I feel like students at both schools seemed very happy. Rochester's total cost of attendance is about 13K cheaper a year but what is pushing me away...
  20. D

    Would these schools be mid-tier or low-tier?

    Just wondering... what is your general impression of the "tier" these following schools belong to (mid or low): Saint Louis Temple George Washington Rochester Iowa Tufts