Ross Application - Questions

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Sep 23, 2007
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I'm in the process of filling out the Ross Application and I'm a little confused about some things.

1 - The pre-req GPA - is this just for the courses listed for pre-vet on the application?

2 - No where do I see an area for experience, except for the two lines allowed for large animal and two lines for small animal. Should I put my experience in the additional info (since this is my strong point - don't want to leave it out)?

3 - LOR's only two? Would the PHD I worked with in research count as an academic LOR? Will they take two vets?

Anything else I should know? Would appreciate any additional info.


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Hi Meadow36 -

I feel your pain! I almost didn't apply when I saw the app as my GPA sucks but my experience doesn't. The pre-req GPA is, indeed, for the required courses. They do get your transcripts, so they will see your other grades anyway.

I think that they purposely put only two lines there for your experience so I wouldn't put anything in the "other information" section. I did try to expand on these in my essay (which, of course, being only 300 words is tough to do but possible).

As for the LOR's, I sent one vet and one prof so I can't really help you there, I'm sorry.

Good luck!
Hey Vegan Chick-
Did you put anything in the "other info" section? I can't think of what to put there (except for my experience, but if you didn't then I guess I shouldn't). Hey maybe I'll see you there next year!!