Rush vs UConn vs Wayne vs Kentucky

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Nov 10, 2019
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accepted to all 4; unsure about which one is the best for competitive specialties (thinking about nsg vs ortho vs CT)
also waitlisted at like 8 other schools lmfao

Pros I can think of:
Rush: chicago, new fun city
UConn: best? match list out of the 4
Kentucky: Integrated CT surgery program + my sister's in dental school there
Wayne: idk, maybe more chance to meet cooler folk because of large class size

Haven't thought too much about cons; SO is in NC, family also in NC

COA about the same for all 4.
pls help me narrow down to one

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Rush's match list is getting better every year in terms of matching students into competitive specialties. It also has a strong nsg and ortho home program. Plus, if you want to live in a big city, Rush might be the place to go!
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if we're going by men's basketball teams, Kentucky is the obvious choice
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Wayne State College of Medicine faces challenges with its central hospital partnerships and, in the past, has been at risk of accreditation probation, and the loss of partnerships leads students to seek, leading students to seek rotations at community systems. The grading system at Wayne may differ; I am unsure if it is a true pass/fail system. The institution has lost its Henry Ford and DMC partnerships, significant entities in Detroit. While Wayne may have a research edge, these losses affect opportunities for rotations and potential matches in the Detroit area. Overall, Wayne is a great institution and matches very well, but some of these things are definitely to be taken into consideration
I’d recommend either UK or Rush. UConn doesn’t have many home residency programs, and for Wayne, I just wouldn’t want to be in Detroit with that big of a class. If it were me, I’d go with UK for the cheap COL and the family nearby.