rocky vista university

  1. J

    Need Help ASAP: DMU vs. RVUCOM-CO

    Hi Everyone :) I was fortunate enough to be accepted into DMU and RVUCOM-CO, and I'm having trouble weighing my options. I will be going the military route to pay for school, so the price isn't as big a deal as setting myself up to specialize competitively. Any thoughts and insights would be...
  2. B

    Rocky Vista University Housing/Attendance

    I got accepted and will be attending RVUCOM and just wanted to hear from students that have attended RVU to know more about housing options and attendance for the first two years. My wife and I wanted to know if during the first two years if most classes are on Zoom or if attendance is required...
  3. T

    RVU vs. KCU

    Hi all I am having trouble choosing between the rocky vista an kansas city masters program. They are both extremely far from me, so location isn't a problem. I heard many positives and negatives from both programs making my decision even harder. At first I was leaning towards kansas city and...
  4. M


    Hey guys- Thank you for your advice in advanced. I'm so confused on what school to pick and my gut feeling changes every day. I definitely need some insight and unbiased opinions. I grew up in Indiana (Marian is 2 hours from home) and I did my undergrad in Colorado (so I have a strong support...
  5. S

    Rocky Vista-UT vs ACOM

    Let me know what you guys think between ACOM and RVU-UT. RVU has better board scores but ACOM has better rotations and I'm having a hard time deciding between the two.
  6. 9

    Rocky Vista UT vs Western U Lebanon

    Hello SDN. I am in the lucky and blessed position to have acceptances at both of these schools. I have various reasons for liking each, and I feel that this is the choice between two good options. Just want to see what others might have to chip in about my decision. (+pro, -con) Rocky Vista...
  7. PreMedHeart


    I made a post like this pre-interview at UNECOM. Now that I've attended the interview, I am extremely torn between the two. I have been accepted at RVU-CO. I am writing this as an IF I get into UNECOM post-II as you have to let them know fairly quickly, so I want to be prepared with my...
  8. F

    Rocky Vista College of Osteopathic Medicine Masters Program

    I have recently been accepted into Rocky Vistas Masters in Biomedical Science program, Is there anyone that is currently in the program that can give me some information regarding how they like it and if it is preparing them well for medical school? I understand it is a brand new program.