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Oct 3, 2019
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I have received acceptances from RVU UTAH and RVU MCOM and put them on an alternate list for WCUCOM. Please help me with the inputs and suggestions as I move with my family.

I understand the alternate list is not guaranteed, but I hope to get accepted.



I did have a campus tour. It looks decent. The location seems to be secluded but close to many beautiful locations.
has a primary care clinic and is associated with the campus
residencies can be around both urban and suburban regions
Reasonable match rates in different specialties
significant others club for medical students
good communities with better housing options than MCOM
Some nearby places to get away if needed, a break, and calm surroundings at night. It is a better location compared to Billings, MT( MCOM)


small gym
small library
There is no wet lab, but research support is available
high tuition fee


Modern building, more extensive than Utah,
The big simulation lab had different mannequins with simulations such as pregnancy, old age, babies, and men with simulated voices. It looks fantastic as they try to simulate scenarios with real people.
VR anatomy lab,
Focus on ultrasound lab
The classroom is organized in groups instead of the traditional setup with 4-way screens(360 degrees)
wellness room
decent size kitchen with a lounge
OMM room size is big compared to Utah
surrounded by beautiful Yellowstone National Park, Red Lodge, Beartooth Highway, etc.
A New Veterinary building is coming up
Ample space around the campus.
Dedicated staff and independent campus, unlike Utah


It was a high fee, but I was told all the resources were included
Small library but planned to improve.
it is not an easy drive to get away during winter,
The city is decent (the west side keeps growing)
Expensive apartments but fewer housing options
It is a new school, but the same founding Dean once founding Dean for the Utah campus
Rotations and residency uncertainty, but they have an excellent team in place to take care

Campus - MCOM is way better than Utah
Match: Utah Since it is long established,
Rotation sites: Maybe there are limited specialties at MCOM?
Residencies: can be around Montana, MCOM with limited specialties, unlike Utah
Location: Ivins, UT is better, but Billings, MT is expanding; families can enjoy Ivins better than Billings. Billings has its offerings. Billings looks rural, but there are many hospitals nearby. Ivins looks suburban with a better network of hospitals.

Building and Resources are what make MCOM better than Utah. Utah offers the same level of education as MCOM, but MCOM is better equipped.


We did not have a campus tour, so nothing is known except reasonable match rates, rotation sites, and residencies.


Long established
better research atmosphere compared to RVU UTAH and RVU MCOM
It has a more extensive campus than RVU, as it has undergraduate
Maybe a bigger library
low tuition fee and less expensive city

Location: Utah might be better, but it is better than Billings in terms of connectivity to other locations via drive

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