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Feb 12, 2001
kamloops, b.c., canada
    i recently booked an interview with saba university and i have 3 questions:

    does that mean anything with regard to my standing or does everybody who applies get an interview?

    what can i expect from the interview, grilling questions, formal, nonformal?

    how can i prepare for the interview if i need to?

    thanks in advance


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    Mar 2, 2001
    Wilmington, DE USA
      I applied to Saba, received a call from Dr. Nekic and asked if instead I would consider their sister school MUA for the semester I desired. I am still not sure if this due to a lower standard at MUA or just a full class at Saba...hopefully it is the

      I can say, however, that my interview was only with Dr. Nekic and that it was a phone interview. He was very informal and very encouraging.

      Hope this helps and is not too late as I just found this network today.
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