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Sackler Interview


10+ Year Member
Dec 16, 2004
South Dakota
  1. Medical Student
    I have an interview for Sackler coming up. Any Advice?

    Unfortunately all of the interviewees are different. Be prepared for these kinds of questions: Why Sackler: rather than a US school; rather than BGU or Technion? Any Israel experience? If not, do you know you can handle it? Are your parents supportive? How's your Hebrew? I'm a firm believer that even if you've just started learning and only know a few words, the fact that you're doing so puts you in a favorable light. Knowing any Sackler grads or anything about the school is also a good thing. A Sackler grad shooting the committee an email on your behalf does wonders. I believe that is why I'm in.

    Of course you need to be able to answer all the usual med school questions: why medicine, etc. Also, since the interview is "Open File," be able to answer questions related to your application.

    If you don't mind me asking, where are you interviewing?

    Hope that helps.
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