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Apr 23, 2000
Burlingame, CA USA
    Well I'm going there in a few weeks. I'm pretty excited about it. I've done a lot of research and I've concluded that it is the best foreign med school that an American can attend. I gained admission to the other good ones: The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Flinders and St. George.

    Sackler is the only foreign school to be officially recognized by the state of NY as on par with any US med school. 6 months of the clinical is done in NY. Grads have attained residencies in surgery, EM, and everything else. What more can you ask? I was sold. Just wish it wasn't so far from home.


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    Mar 20, 2000
    Riverside, C.A., 92503
      I fully agree with yon's post. I to was accepted to Sackler, but the prospect of living in Israel for 3.5-4yrs. influenced my decision not to go. I'm re-applying to MD & DO schools, and might apply to Royal. Good luck. Expect to be just as competitive for a residency in NY as a US med. grad.
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