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Jul 3, 2006
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In general ortho surgeons seem to earn a significant amount more in salary on average than a podiatrist in the US and Canada.

Just to shoot out to all current DPMs out there as well, where does the main source of income come from? I've heard of some DPMs specializing in bunions stricly, and others specializing in rearfoot reconstruction.

I guess my question is how much on average do the various procedures/appointments/diagnosis/orthodics cost? Do you find one area more profitable than another? Could you provide a breakdown of income/costs of running a practice? Please comment on your various experiences as a DPM.

Also in Ontario, what are the salary ranges for Chiropodists??? And what is the breakdown of income as well? Or does it not differ form a DPM practicing in Ontario much (ie. Salary stats bunch in chiropodists as "podiatrists").


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May 6, 2006
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i could've sworn that this exact topic was opened up by you sir in the pre-podiatry student forum :D
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