Jul 6, 2016
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The program had some problems with their trauma director, Dr. Larry Gentilello (who previously was let go from suing UTSW/Parkland successfully for billing fraud). The surgery department ended up signing a 12 physician no-trust vote to fire the newly hired trauma director. However, somehow the long-time/seemingly well-liked PD, Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud, at San Joaquin also resigned at the same time. Their website left a blank space where the PD's name once stood. It seems that their Surgery chair, Dr. Nathaniel Matolochair, is going to be the interim PD according to ACGME program status.

Here's the news article talking about the incident. There has also been several news articles talking about their trauma center being short staffed and had to transfer patients to Sacramento and Modesto.

Does anyone have any insight or thoughts about this? I thought San Joaquin seemed like a doable community program prior to this fiasco. Just wanted to share my findings so everyone was aware of these changes.
Nov 1, 2012
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Hi, bumping old thread here, but I'm a resident in this program. Long story short, the program is looking for a new PD. I think, despite the transition we are going through at present, it's still a good training program.
Jul 12, 2018
I am at San Joaquin although not in the surgery program and I can tell you that they have now hired a program director. I can only tell you that the program is still in trouble but not being threatened with closure. I know there has been a lot of added components to the program that were lacking from the previous program director. However the con of this program is that the residents are always concerned that they do not have enough diverse case. The hospital has said that they will hire several subspecialty surgeons but that has never happened. I have rotated through the program, however. Although I cannot compare it to other surgery programs, I will just say that the same complaints I heard in my first year I am still hearing in my third year. If you want to seriously considering this program I would recommend that you contact one of the current residents and see if they might discuss some of the hits and misses of the program with you.
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