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  1. B

    Research for General Surgery

    Hey everyone, I'm about to be an M2 at a very large, state DO school. I'm currently interested in general surgery and had a couple questions about research. I have no prior research experience and am very unfamiliar with the process. There are many opportunities for research within the school...
  2. Rich Ties

    Stony Brook General Surgery Residency

    Can anyone give me any insight into how the General Surgery program at Stony Brook, NY is? I have been hearing/reading mixed things about it and would love to hear the experience of someone who knows more about it. Any Pros vs Cons? Would you do training there again? Family friendly?
  3. N

    Position Available Available PGY1-4 Gen-Surg and Ortho. Residency or Fellowship w/Loan Repayment

    ************BE DEBT FREE AFTER RESIDENCY************ The Navy Medicine Team is hiring General Surgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons who are currently in Residency. PART TIME/RESERVE. Receive a stipend of $2466.00 monthly in addition to your current salary along with 40k/year in loan repayment for a...
  4. S

    Us- img in hopes of prelim surgery

    Guy I wanted to ask around. I’m a US citizen IMG. 2018 graduate. step 1- 211 and ck- 231 I’ve always had an interest in general surgery and I was wondering if I should apply prelim this year. I don’t think I’m competitive enough for categorical this year. I’ve heard of people matching general...
  5. S

    US- IMG want to apply preliminary gen surgery

    Guy I wanted to ask around. I’m a US citizen IMG. 2018 graduate. step 1- 211 and ck- 231 I’ve always had an interest in general surgery and I was wondering if I should apply prelim this year. I don’t think I’m competitive enough for categorical this year. I’ve heard of people matching general...
  6. X

    ophtho vs gen surg

    Hi, so i would like some perspective because his has been on my mind and it would be nice to hear other people out. I went to med school for ophhto, no doctors in my family, but have had major life changes due to a sibling with eye disease, hence ophtho. I engaged in some research projects in...
  7. 1

    Are my chances shot for matching now because of COVID-19?

    I'm currently a DO third year wanting to apply for general surgery this September. I arranged my schedule to stupidly have my two general surgery rotations this April and May ( I decided to try for general surgery mid of third year). It looks like worse case scenario I will not get to do a...
  8. G

    Unopposed Gen Surg Residency (Best way to learn how to do basic ortho/neuro surg on G Surg)

    Hello! I am an MS3, and my long-term goals include doing global/rural surgery. I want to start looking for programs that train me to do a wide range of surgeries including some ortho/neuro surg procedures. Any recs about programs that might be able to teach this would be super helpful...
  9. R

    Fellowship as an ECFMG cerified IMG with a General Surgery residency abroad.

    Hi there, I am an ECFMG certified IMG who specialized in general surgeon in a foreign country (not US or Canada). My goal is to get accepted into an ACGME accredited surgery fellowship in the US. I hear about a lot of surgeons doing a non-acgme fellowship, after which they come back to their...
  10. C

    Position Wanted Another year of the same prelim surgery situation....

    Hello, I am posting this on behalf of my boyfriend since he does not have an account- he is currently a burn surgery fellow that has recently completed 3 prelim General Surgery residency years. He matched into a prelim-year 1 spot straight out of med-school, did well, but the organization pretty...
  11. Spectreman

    Do people match into back ups without a Sub-I?

    If you’re pushing for a reach field, but want to play it safe and have a relatively competitive backup, can you do that without giving up 1 or 2 auditions for that field? I’m 508/225 in 3rd year doing relatively well. My school’s surgery chair thinks I have a real shot at Gen Surge with my...
  12. LSMarshall

    Army HPSP Army General Surgery Residency Information

    Attached is the slideshow the Army's "Annual Medical Education Update from 2019" which has a lot of basics. There are still a few worth while questions HPSP students like myself may find useful. I realize the questions I ask below vary year-by-year based on Army needs. That said, historical...
  13. S

    Why are there so many unfilled Prelim positions in 2019 Match?

    Hi, I'm a Non-US IMG, Step 1 265, CS first pass and waiting for my CK score to be released next week. General Surgery is my dream and I've been working towards this goal for the past 4 years. I was reviewing 2019 Match data and I've seen that there are only 581 out of 1158 Prelim positions...
  14. C

    General Surgery Board Review Seminar

    The American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS) will host the 2019 General Surgery In-Depth Review Seminar (IDR), April 10-13, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. The IDR is a general surgery board review course designed to provide the general surgeon with an in-depth review in preparation for...
  15. Python Forever

    Matching Anesthesiology/Gen Surg. - MD vs. DO?

    Sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong forum. I'm a nontrad premed who's been shadowing some doctors/physicians, and both anesthesia and general surgery had me captivated. Based purely on my shadowing experiences, if I'm fortunately enough to land a medical school acceptance, I'd like to...
  16. P

    How helpful are your on-call general surgeons in trauma, in EDs that are NOT trauma centers?

    New-ish attending here just picked up a side gig at a medium sized community hospital without any trauma designation. The general surgeons there typically want all trauma patients transferred to the nearest trauma center, which I agree with for the high risk cases. But I don't quite understand...
  17. O

    Programs that don't screen using Step 1

    Hello all, Has anyone come across any community programs that have NOT used Step 1 to screen potential candidates for categorical GS positions? Does anyone have a good resource to look at potential programs in this way?
  18. Prescribe_Rock&Roll

    American Seeking to Study Medicine in Spain

    I am a nontraditional, 28-year-old American from Boston, Massachusetts. I am set to earn my undergraduate degree by December 2019—a BS in Exercise & Health Sciences, minor in Biology. Aside from having previously changed my major like a hundred times before realizing my passion for medicine and...
  19. R

    Trading Interview Dates

  20. B

    LOR: How late is too late?

    So I have 3 LORs that I can use to submit all my applications. However, I am currently on an away that I really like and may get a solid LOR from. I will probably submit this letter as an optional 4th letter for all programs that will take 4. Two questions: 1. When should this letter be...
  21. Gilbert Syndrome

    What are my chances of matching into any Gen Surg program?

    I am currently a 3rd year medical student interested in Gen Surg. I go to a brand new DO school (idk if that hurts me). I scored a 241 on step 1 and a 647 on my COMLEX. I am currently working on a case report that is surgery related. I'm hoping to get at least a poster presentation from that...
  22. L

    What were your favorite programs?

    In getting ready for the upcoming interview cycle... What were some general surgery programs you interviewed at and liked?
  23. B

    General Surgery Letters of Recommendation

    Just had a quick question regarding GS LORs. What is the general consensus on getting letters from surgical subspecialties for GS residency applications? And what if majority of letters come from subspecialty attendings who have done general surgery training? Unrelated question: if I am doing...
  24. SoMuchMCATAhhhh

    Advice Heading into Interview Season

    Hi folks! Had some questions regarding the level of applicant I am for Gen Surg, and the types of programs I could reasonably be a good applicant for. Goals wise- I'd like to head into academics in the future, and do a residency in a bigger city (mostly as this provides my SO with good job...
  25. T

    DO General Surgery & Family Practice Dual Residency

    Hi everyone, I'm almost certain I want to go the DO route because I am really fascinated by their treatment philosophy. I think having the additional training in OMM would be especially useful for me, considering I am strongly considering going into family practice. However, I'm also interested...
  26. M

    What surgical procedures do General Surgeons end up doing?

    I was looking around on a couple of threads and it seems to me that cases that General Surgeons get are usually abdomen related. Anything not related to the abdomen seems to be taken by the specialties.
  27. F

    General Surgery - 227 on Step

    Hi! I was just wondering if a step 1 score of 227 was a "good enough" score to be obtain a surgical residency at university programs (or at least an interview...). I was a disappointed in my score, but it is what it is and life goes on! Any suggestions on how to strengthen my application as I...
  28. A

    General Surgery Application

    Hey guys, this is my first time on sdn. I am trying to apply for general surgery residency next year and wanted to gauge the strength of my application/what are realistic expectations for where I could land. My Deets: State school Step 1: 241 Step 2: taking in few months Clinical grades (ABC...
  29. P

    MD IMG Surgical Sub-I for future General Surgery Residency

    Hello everyone, By July I will be a final year Medical Student in Europe. How is a Sub-I in Plastic Surgery (with a focus on Pediatric Plastics - Craniofacial Surgery) and therefore a pretty good LoR going to help me match into General Surgery Residency? I am more interested in following a...
  30. ZohanKhan

    Osteopath interested in General Surgery

    I am a first year D.O student currently interested in General Surgery. I understand that Gen-Surge is a competitive specialty, and perhaps even more challenging for an osteopath to match into. Does anyone know (or is anyone) a D.O that matched into surgery and can offer advice on how to study...
  31. B

    Advice on pursuing general surgery

    Hi everyone I am a non citizen IMG, step 1 246, step 2 223 (gave step 2 Ck before step 1, do regret tht now). I plan to do step 2 CS and step 3 next year. Along with 5 publications and 3mo usce..will have done an internship in Pakistan as well FY2 in the UK My YOG is 2016 I want to apply to GS...
  32. M

    Preliminary Surgery SOAP

    I am an American Medical Student who is applying into an advanced program requiring a general surgery preliminary program. I was hoping to live in Chicago for my preliminary program, but only received one preliminary interview for Chicago, but many in cities along the West Coast. Do you...
  33. 8

    General surgery+fellowship or integrated vascular

    could anyone shed some light on the differences? I am thinking more of academic programs (so both will have the extra two research years). What is the difference in employement possibilities? Licensing? Will I be expected to do more general surgery procedures after being hired post fellowship...
  34. BenBenBen

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY-2 in Dermatology and research with stipend

    I am a preliminary general surgery candidate focused on acquiring a residency position in dermatology. I am an applicant this year through ERAS and may match (I hope so!). However, I have a dearth of dermatology research. Whether I match into a 2019 PGY-2 spot or not, I would like to pursue...
  35. tomahto

    Top California General Surgery programs

    Hi! I'm from California but go to med school on the east coast. I'm hoping to come home for residency and am a pretty competitive applicant, but don't know much about these programs beyond their websites and heresay from people at least three times removed (e.g. "I've heard people say it used to...
  36. mptrnglo

    AOA General surgery

    Anyone know of a better way of finding out which programs have either no or low minimum COMLEX score for AOA general surgery other than emailing/calling the programs directly? Thanks
  37. B

    Competitiveness for Academic General Surgery Heavy Hitters

    This is my first time posting in SDN, so please let me know if I'm breaking any rules. Question for all of the gen surg applicants here. Obviously as a third year medical student, it is too early for me to have be assessed accurately as an applicant. But I wanted to see what you guys thought...
  38. bretonnia

    Position Wanted Is there a list of AOA gen surg prelim programs? I can't seem to find one.

    Looking to apply to PGY1 gen surg prelim in case I don't match to EM this year, but can't find a list online of programs. ERAS only shows TY programs.
  39. F

    *****General Surgery Residency Interview Trades 2017-2018*****

    Hi all! I didn't see an interview trade/swap thread for this year and am currently in desperate need of one so I thought it'd be helpful to get this started. Also: Just to keep things clean, maybe it would be a good idea to edit/delete posts as your requests get resolved? I'm new to SDN :D
  40. K

    St. Mary's Hospital (Imperial) or Guy's Hospital (King's) for elective?

    Hey guys. I'm a med student from NZ who has just got a yes from both Imperial College and King's College for my final year elective. I am not trying to decide where to go! The electives are Gen Surg in St. Mary's Hospital or or O & G in Guy's Hospital. I would really like a plcae with nice...