School choice for Pre-med courses.

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Jan 10, 2003
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Hello all,

I'm considering the schools where I should take pre-med courses. There are several community colleges close to my area offering those core physics, chem, bio, e.t.c right along with the 4 year universitys. Does your choice of school for pre-med courses have any bearing on your acceptance to a medical program. Any thoughts will help.


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the general consensus is that if you are doing prereqs with many upper level science classes at a 4 year university, you can get away with a couple more community college prereqs than if you are just doing the prereqs alone. CC classesare commonly considered less rigorous so if you are just doing the prereqs and that is all, you should really go to a university. the problem is you are competing against top students with no community college credits, so there is no question if their program was rigorous enough, so why take that chance?
Yeah go for a four year college. If it's a state school, chances are you'll do better than most people there anyway. I tend to be in the top 10% of the class on my exam marks. In Canada where I am, these kids just took high school science (and it seems they cover more than we did at my HS) and they are all science majors, yet here I am, Miss Russian Major who took high school chemistry 12 years ago, doing better than they are. Having been through it all already, I think I have a better sense of how much I need to study--for any course.
Meh, CC is fine as long as you make good grades both there and your 4-year. I took the vast majority of pre-reqs at CC.

Also, do a search here on SDN for CC threads, there are millions. Lots of good info.