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***** SDN Update *****


Full Member
Staff member
5+ Year Member
Oct 13, 2014
  1. Pharmacy Student
You may have noticed that the SDN theme has changed recently. The stickies thread has become difficult to notice since the drop-down bar needs to be implemented which wasn't required in times past. After speaking with other admins, it is not sure if the layout will implement additional theme changes.

Since assisted links were tied into navigating to the job market by way of the stickies, there has been an update regarding the job market sub-forum (No, we are not getting rid of it & no I have no control over the new SDN layout).

A redirect link has been placed on the prepharmacy forum. When a pre-pharm clicks to go to pre-pharmacy, they will have the ability to now see the Job Market as a sub-forum that will automatically redirect them to the existing Job Market section located per usual in the pharmacy thread. This will also assist with another tool that SDN will be utilizing in the near future which is to have a Finance and Comparisons Calculator for those wanting to compare tuition rates vs take home salary and other life expenses.

As a reminder if anyone has thoughts on what should be implemented to the SDN format please post in the Suggestions Forum.

Carry On.
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imagine sisyphus happy
15+ Year Member
Jun 23, 2003
Born: Parkersburg, WV | Now: Montgomery TWP, PA
  1. Pharmacist
Suggestions, you say?

Stop doing everything you people do.

We liked it the way it was. Stop changing things.

Still no need for the job market subforum that I forget exists. The only way I remember it exists is when I want to make a list of grievances and remember that it exists for the purposes of making said list of grievances.

Disband all maudes and admins.

Reinstate BMBiology. Bring back SHC1984. Find out where the hell ZpackSux went.
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Uncontrollable Sarcasm Machine
Staff member
Volunteer Staff
10+ Year Member
Mar 19, 2009
Locked in the basement
  1. Pharmacist
Is it really not possible to toggle the sticky threads to always be seen?

But why do something simple when you can do something complicated?
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Sine Cura

Membership Revoked
10+ Year Member
Feb 5, 2010
  1. Pharmacist
Unlike under the SDN "default" theme, the basic theme already exposes the stickied threads so you don't need to select an "arrow" element to reveal the stickied threads


Walgreens enthusiast. Called the peak in Bitcoin.
7+ Year Member
Sep 17, 2014
Take the sticky off and let people post in it?

Can you change the job market link in the prepharms forum to the same title as the sticky? I like that title.

I have no clue how many people view this place everyday but it is sad that the first thing anyone sees isn't what the job market is really like.

What's more sad is SDN doesn't care.
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