1. mxrtz

    Discouraged by Faculty for Specific Interest

    I'm struggling a bit and would like some insight from my fellow peers on here... MS1 here - since my cardiology block, I've realized how much I love even the basic science behind it, and have found a lot of joy from shadowing and speaking with many people in the field. I am in the midst of...
  2. mudfud26

    Mid-semester burn out tips?

    I have successfully completed two blocks of MS1, but I feel like I have run out of steam starting my Hematology and Oncology block. I can watch my lectures, but I have very low motivation for individual review. Any tips for burn out I haven't tried? Current habits -Eating healthy (avoiding...
  3. Bulliedinschool2doc

    Best Advice For First Year?

    Just started OMS-1 yesterday and I am very excited. I can't lie, I am now amongst people very similar in personality to myself and they are always on top of things. Do you have any recommendations for how to thrive the first year? My study strategy; download Anki decks from prior classes/anking...
  4. C

    New Materials for Studying? 2022 Incoming MS1s

    Hello everyone! I am an incoming MS1 this year in medical school. I wanted to start a thread for compiling some well-known resources and some of the lesser known ones to get over the summer prior to medical school starting so I am not scrambling last minute 😅 I have found a few that are...
  5. S

    Anatomy panic

    Anatomy started today and I already feel overwhelmed. What’s the best most efficient way to do this? How do I choose an Anki deck? Have some decent school made ones by someone a few years older than me that like up well with lectures. I’ve seen UMich, Dope, etc but don’t know if I should focus...
  6. T

    Medical When should I start using Anki and which deck(s) should I start with? (Incoming MS1)

    I will be starting medical school in August 2021, and I want to do whatever I can to start medical school on a good note. Ideally, when should I start using Anki? Should I make cards from my lectures or should I use pre-made decks from the start? If the latter, are there any recommended decks...
  7. T

    How to find derm research opportunities as an M1

    Hi everyone! I'm a current M1 interested in derm and now is about the time to look into summer opportunities; however, I've had a hard time finding derm summer research opportunities. The attending at my home program says they don't give projects to M1s, and I don't currently have a mentor that...
  8. L

    Pregnant Going into MS1?

    I'm just curious on if there has been anyone who has experienced this? Like females due in September or close to it. What was your experience like?
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Prepare for Medical School: 4 Important Things to Do Before You Get Started

    As I become inundated with science coursework, buried under electronic books, and finally set into the rhythm of my first year of medical school, I can’t help but notice the things I am so thankful I did, and some things I wish I would have done. The importance of understanding your strengths...
  10. Tobirama

    Study Guide for Step 1 Study Starting Day 1 of MS1

    I'm enrolled for MS1 next year and have been gathering information to come up with a plan to start studying for Step1 beginning on the first day of class. Does anyone have any experience doing this and how did it work out? My plan is to focus on my preclinical studies and gain a strong...
  11. Dr. Stalker

    MS1 - Ask me Anything

    Title says it all. Bored and in an easy block right now, so I figured I'll hop back on SDN.
  12. S

    MS1 Summer Research Opportunities - help me decide!

    Hi all, I am torn between two opportunities for summer 2019 (summer after MS1) and don’t know which one to pick. I am currently studying at a Canadian medical school. Option #1: Research at my medical school under a prof who specialises in rheumatology. My medical school offers a grant of...
  13. Piglet2020

    M1 Super Tired & Stressed, Dreading First Anat Exam

    Hey everyone, MS1 here and started class two weeks ago. I dont think anything could have prepared me for the sheer amount of material in med school... I’m studying 6 hrs a day after lecture & lab and still feel I’m missing information. I dont have time for myself other than to eat, sleep...
  14. M

    Just started- terrified (LECOM LDP)

    Hi! I'm a fresh LDP Medical student at LECOM, and i'm absolutely terrified. I just need some advice. And to know I'll be okay. I want this so, so bad. And i'm so scared I'll lose it. I want to be a doctor. I've wanted to be a doctor for a long, long time. And I don't want to fail. It's my...
  15. Piglet2020

    MD & DO Incoming MS1s Nervous Venting Thread *Share Your Greatest Fear*

    I created this thread so that incoming Class of 2022 students, like myself, can vent their anxieties about starting med school. I know that a lot of students are scared of moving away from home to a new city, immersing themselves in one of the toughest professions, and in short, adjusting to...
  16. ololona

    So nervous to start medical school

    I have been out of school for a year and now, I feel so nervous to get in the habit of studying again.
  17. F

    MD How to get research/shadowing the summer before med school

    I'm starting MS1 in August, and I really want to get a head start on research and figuring out what potential specialties interest me so that I don't go into MS1 as blind. I realize it's early and I'd honestly rather be doing something fun this summer, but since I'm stuck at home anyway, I...
  18. blahblahpremeds

    Remediation of a single MS1 course

    Hi everyone, I just found out I didn't pass a single component of our patient care course by 2 points. While my average in the class is a B, I still have to pass all components and I failed a quiz by 2 points. After talking to the course director, I found out I have to remediate the quiz over...
  19. K

    Trouble with NBME finals

    We're in an organ base system curriculum. Typically, I do ok (at or above average) on the midterm, but get below average on the final. I find it really hard to study for the finals because they are purely NBME style and not lecture based. However, they go in way more detail than boards and...
  20. K

    Alternative Plans to Research MS1 Summer

    Hey! I thought I had a research project down for the summer - met with the PI and did IRB training. However, he stopped responding to my emails. I'm trying to find something, but summer is ~1.5 months away. I'm reaching out to people now and have a few leads, but, worst case scenario, I don't...
  21. K

    Research PI stopped responding

    Hey, I was looking for advice for a situation I am in. I reached out to a PI in person (we happened to be at the same social gathering, he initiated conversation). I asked about research in general and then in his field, because it is totally something I am interested in. I even took a class...
  22. K

    Going Back over blocks

    Hey I'm an MS1 who just finished up a cardio block like 2weeks ago. I passed the test, but I didn't do super great. I also feel like there are still gaps in my knowledge or things that I'm not 100% sure about, especially physiology. For example, I still have trouble distinguishing heart sounds...
  23. P

    MD research outside of desired specialty

    I'm an MS1 tentatively interested in anesthesiology (I realize this will likely change a million times by 4th year), but I also think the microbiome is freaking fascinating and want to get involved in a project. How important is it to do research related to the specialty you intend to apply to?
  24. tutorthepeople

    MCAT TTP IS with Ashley L, MS1

    In the third episode of TTP IS, we’re talking with Ashley, an MS1. Ashley is one of our featured tutors and was also a former MCAT student of ours, so she has a special place in our heart. TTP: Good afternoon, Ashley! Thank you for participating in our TTP IS! This series is a unique...
  25. tutorthepeople

    MCAT Medical Interview Series: TTP IS with Lindsay, MS1 @ MUSC

    This interview premieres the Tutor the People Interview Series (TTP IS). Throughout the TTP IS, we’ll chat with people from all walks of life within the medical field: doctors, medical students, pre-meds, advisors, and more. Today we’re speaking with Lindsay, an MS1 at the Medical University of...
  26. desi0chick

    Selling MS1/MS2 books (Goljan, Costanzo Physio and much more)

    Hey guys, current MS3 selling the following books all in good condition with probably some underlining, but that's about it. (I have images for each book but could only attach 4 here for some reason, pm me if you wanna see the cover of the actual book). Goljan Rapid Review pathology: $30...
  27. umami!

    MD incoming MS1 seeking research advice (interested in rads, radonc)

    I've been reading a lot of similar threads (advice for incoming MS1, how to find research in med school, etc.) and I was hoping to get some more insight as someone interested in radiology and radiation oncology. My questions: My school doesn't have a radonc residency program. Other than doing...
  28. D

    Please review my step 1 summer study plan!

    I just finished up my MS1 year at a school that does organ blocks and definitely doesn't teach to step 1. This summer I want to review everything I learned for MS1. This is what we covered: (Anatomy, Macromolecules, cell phys, genetics, histology, pharm, path, Epidemiology) Dermatology...
  29. J

    Oncology research as an MS1

    Hi all, I am an incoming M1 who is undecided about which specialty I want to pursue (as we all are.) I have done extensive shadowing an a lot of fields, and from my experiences I have decided that I am leaning toward medicine related fields rather than surgical specialties. Fields like...
  30. FutrDoc22

    Incoming MS1 gunning for Ortho w/ low MCAT

    Like many other male MS1s, I am entering medical school with a high interest in Orthopedic Surgery. Ortho was the first shadowing experience I had in high school and I've basically been in love with it ever since. Unfortunately, it happens to be one of the more competitive residencies to match...
  31. K

    Publications? How to find a good research opportunity?

    I will be attending med school next fall straight from undergrad. I've been working at the same lab for 4 years in undergrad (part time in the semester around 5-12 hours a week and 2 full summers) but I didn't get published. For basically 3.5 years, I got on kinda crappy research projects that...
  32. akuko2

    Best use of time

    Hey guys, I'm a MS1 AF HPSPer. I'm doing consistently above the avg of my class on exams, and my friend and I are thinking about starting a club in my medical school. Other than that, I have yet to get involved in research, but I have had enough time to workout, keep volunteering at the church I...
  33. L

    MS1 Summer Clinical Opportunities

    I'm an MS1 looking for something to do with my summer. I do not want to do research, but would rather do a clinical program (something that involves shadowing or working hands on with patients). I've seen a few programs, but was wondering if anyone knows of any good ones (specifically ones...
  34. D

    How to separate self worth from medical school

    I'm an MS1 and I just started med school 3 weeks ago At first, I put a huge smile on my face and tried to become friends with everyone. I've made fun and supportive friends and I've done okay on my exams so far, but every day, I feel like I lose a little piece of my former self. It seems like I...
  35. rs_med_student

    Should i Read Guyton?

    Hello guys. i am a hopefully soon to be 2nd year med student obviously i did my physiology class and i did fantastic. the Q in the tite has been on my mind for quite a while. we used guyton's textbook of physiolgy...the freakin bible of physiology i liked it a lot and found it fairly easy to...
  36. P

    voluntarily repeating MS1? So I read the above thread from a few years ago, but I am in a slightly different situation. I am wondering how it would affect residency if I took half a year off on medical leave. I think I should take care of my...
  37. YLFounder

    What would you tell your MS1 self?

    Hey everyone, I've looked around, but can't find any relevant threads. I'm starting medical school this fall and wanted to know: What would you, if anything, say to yourself back in MS1 or wished you had known when starting medical school? Thanks!
  38. YLFounder

    Step 1 Studying During First Year?

    Hi everyone, I'll be entering medical school this fall and I was wondering what you would advise to study during the first year for Step 1. I realized during the time I was studying for the MCAT that had I had those books around during my core science classes, I would have understood the...
  39. M

    Advice on marrying a med student?

    My fiance will be starting med school about 3 weeks before our wedding. Has anyone else done this before? We are looking for advice on how to enjoy our new marriage with the craziness that will be med school. What have been your biggest fears about marrying someone in med school? How did you...
  40. Mecidimes

    MS1 - Failed first test in Foundations course

    I'm a first-year medical student in Kentucky. Our class structure includes a Foundations course which I am currently taking, and it covers micro, immuno, pharm, and pathology, none of which I took in pre-med courses. I am certainly paying the price for not taking those courses, because despite...