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Feb 9, 2011
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Hi, I have some questions about sending GRE score. If I ask ETS to send the score for today's test for example, would they send all my past scores with it? I know from their website that they'll send scores for the following 5 years but I'm not sure how they deal with past scores.

Also, I know we can see an unofficial score at the end of the test. Do we designate our score recipient schools before or after we see the scores?


PS. I'm thinking about applying for 2012 enrollment. And I'm quite anxious about taking the revised GRE. It looks much harder.

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Per the ETS website:

"All scores earned during the five testing years following the year in which you tested will be reported to each institution you designate.

You may choose to send GRE General Test scores only, GRE Subject Test scores only or both scores, but you may not choose to have only those scores from a specific test date reported."