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Shadowing an opthamologist?


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Jun 3, 2006
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
    There is an opthamologist that works in my building and I was thinking about shadowing there a couple times of week on my lunch break since it so close. I am pretty sure I have no interest in opthamology, but I thought it may help my application some or I could get a recommendation letter from him. I aready work at an optometrists office and worked at another one a while back for six months. Is this a waste of time or would it help my application?


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    Jan 12, 2003
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    1. Optometrist
      I think it will be a great opportunity to shadow an ophthalmologist to strengthen your application. I worked for an ophthalmology group practice before applying and I'm sure the letter of recommendation the doctors co-wrote carried a lot of weight (the head OMD was a professor at USC School of Medicine, another doctor was then the current president of the California Academy of Ophthalmology, and one was the team ophthalmologist for the Anaheim Angels). The ophthalmologists saw a lot more patients than the optometrist I shadowed for, so more interesting cases came up. I was even able to watch a few cataract surgeries and LASIK procedures.

      Good luck!
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      1. Optometrist
        opt_princess said:
        Thanks for the advice. I think I will go ahead and shadow with him. It can only help.

        It definitely won't hurt. It'll also help you answer the "why optometry and not medicine ? " question at interviews ;)
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