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Dec 28, 2023
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can/should you apply to med school without shadowing? im drowning in commitments

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How are your clinical hours looking? If you have a decent amount it might be a good idea to see if you can take time out during your clinical time to devote to shadowing.
For ex. I was a MA and usually followed the doctor in during patient visits. Then I counted a couple week as shadowing by subtracting out some hours of shadowing from my clinical hours.
Obviously don't double dip but see if there is cross over you can work with or access to opportunities you can leverage (ex. if you have a volunteer shift request the doctor to tag along the last hour or so).
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Don’t let skipping one week’s worth of hours put your entire app at risk. Nearly every med school matriculant has shadowing. Do you at least have clinical experience where you spend time with the doc?
You are taking the MCAT at the last possible moment to apply this cycle and you have had problems writing the PS. You are rushing things that should not be rushed. You need to decompress your schedule and plan to apply in 2025. I know this doesn't sound like what you've planned but if you apply in a rush without any shadowing, or with just a few hours of shadowing, you could well be empty handed this time next year and asking what you should be doing as a reapplicant. Don't be that person.
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