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Shadwoing Exp. Needed!


10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jun 19, 2004
    Hello all, and congratulations on your accomplishments!

    I am currently an applicant to a couple of DO schools, and I am I need of shadowing experience ASAP. Any of you kind people who can help, recommend someone who is willing to help, or at least advise me on how to proceed, Please PM me, I will be very grateful.

    I tried calling a few DOs in my area, non returned my calls, however :rolleyes: .

    Southern California.

    Thanks and good luck.


    10+ Year Member
    Jul 9, 2004
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      I had the same problem when I was in the application process. I called my state osteopathic association and got a few names of DOs to shadow. Kirksville also has rotations close to my home town, so I called their clinical affairs department and they gave me the name of one of their clinical faculty. He let me shadow him, and wrote me a nice letter.

      You might try the Osteopathic association in California. You can also try calling COMP, to see if you can get an alumni list, or even find out if they can put you in touch with a physician who you can shadow.

      Good luck
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