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Should I apply this cycle? (low sGPA)


New Member
2+ Year Member
Dec 8, 2018
Hey guys,

I'm a rising senior and was initially planning on taking a gap year for either a masters/post bacc because of my low science gpa, but now I'm debating on applying during this cycle. My DAT is scheduled for August 18th and will obviously have an enormous impact on my application, but here are my current stats:

sGPA: 3.18 (pretty solid upward trend, screwed up freshman and early sophomore year)
oGPA: 3.4

dental experience:
shadowing: 50 hours with a general dentist & was planning on shadowing another general dentist and a speciality but i obviously can't do that for now (hopefully i'll be able to do that in a few months and possibly add it to my application?)
work: 190 hours as a sterilization technician at an orthodontist office

fundraising/sponsorship committee for relay for life all 4 years of college
secretary of the pre-dental club sophomore year
philanthropy chair of the pre-dental club senior year
student government elections commissioner sophomore year

community service project leader for a local nonprofit - currently collecting food donations for the local food bank for those in need during COVID

The main drawback of my app is my science gpa, and I obviously don't want to approximate my DAT score but I've already started studying using a pretty intensive course so I hope to get at least a 20 but ideally higher. Also, I didn't get a committee later since I didn't plan on applying this cycle so I reached out to my pre-health advisor to see if it's still possible to get one, but if not, how much would it impact my chances if I had individual letters of recommendation?

In terms of applying, I don't mind spending the time and money to apply this cycle, but I also don't want to do it if I really have no shot. I was thinking about waiting until I get my DAT score back but I think it'll be too late if I wait until then to start the process. I've also heard a lot of random things about the application cycle being different this year in terms of COVID (DAT's being pushed back, some people can't complete their shadowing, etc.), so I think that should help me out a little if anything.

Some schools I had in mind were NYU, tufts, LECOM, ASDOH, tuoro, and temple (my stats are lower but it's my state school), but I'm looking for suggestions for schools that are flexible with a lower sGPA and hopefully higher DAT score.

Any advice would be helpful especially if you have been in a similar situation with a lower science gpa. Thank you!
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Hi polo pick

Full Member
2+ Year Member
Feb 20, 2018
I think you still have a chance, you could do well on your dat and continue to take science classes and update your transcript and hope it bumps your gpa a bit. If you have the money of course. Be strategic with where you apply.
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