Should I apply this upcoming cycle? Big upward trend.

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Feb 2, 2022
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I am currently a gap year student trying to decide if I should apply this cycle, and if it would be worth it with my current stats.

120-130 or so credits-
GPA- 3.11
Science GPA- 3.33 ( would be 3.39- 3.4 for DO schools)
Post Bacc 12 credits- 4.0

I have a large upward trend over the past 5 semesters starting with the summer of 2020 which are

Summer 2020- 17 credits and 3.25 gpa
Fall 2020 - 18 credits 3.61 gpa
Spring 2021 - 17 credits 3.75 gpa
Summer 2021 - 15 credits 3.8 gpa (Graduated in summer 2021)
Post bacc fall 2021- 12 credits 4.0 gpa

Before this upward trend, I had been at cc for a year and then one other 4 year school, I was part time at both and really did not think about grades or what I wanted to do! I would plan on applying very broadly and maybe like 30 DO and 20 MD! I am a white male and graduated from a Florida university with a medical school attached

I have taken the following science classes all within the last five semesters unless stated otherwise and received these grades including pre reqs listed.

  • Bio 1 and Lab - B
  • Bio 2 and Lab- A-
  • Chem 1 and Lab- P due to pandemic spring 2020 course
  • Chem 2 and Lab - B+
  • Physics 1 - B+
  • Physics 2- A
  • Orgo 1 and lab- A
  • Orgo 2 and Lab- A and A-
  • Microbiology- A post bacc
  • Human Physiology- A
  • Biochemistry- B+
  • Clinical Physiology- A post bacc
  • Organism Biodiversity- A-
  • Nutrition- A-
  • Pathology 1- A post bacc
  • Kinetic Anatomy- A post bacc
  • Health and Medicine and Society- A
  • Genetics- B
  • Neurobiology- B
  • Oceanography- A-
  • Medical Terminology- A
  • Human Biology- A
  • Ecology- B
  • Statistics -B
  • College Algebra - A-
Personal Trainer - 1400 hours
Cardiology office staff- 300 hours
Sleep study and doctors office - 300 hours
Non clinical volunteering - 120
Clinical volunteering- 100
Shadowing- 70 total one MD and DO
Work from home full time doing luxury yacht charters - 1000 hours (idk if this matters)

Should I even bother applying? I feel like I should have a shot with DO due to the upward trend and mcat!

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Give us year by year GPAs
It would be hard to be accurate as I took some time off.

But freshman 30 credits - 2.0
sophomore 30 credits over 3 semesters - 3.0 gpa
Needed 67 credits to graduate after transferring to a new school in Florida so.......
Junior year would be considered summer 2020 and fall 2021 so 35 credits - so it would be 3.44gpa 3.8 science gpa
Senior year was technically spring 2021 and summer 2021 - 32 credits 3.77 gpa 3.9 science gpa
(all of my pre reqs and all science classes listed above were taken in my junior and senior year give except 4 which were done fall 2021 post bacc)

Freshman and sophomore year were erratic, took 3 years and kind of just took a few science classes and other general classes. Spring of 2020 covid hit, and it kind of made me realize time is of the essence and kick started my goal to apply to medical school. So I transferred in the summer of 2020, and I put my head down and got all those classes done in the last 5 straight semesters including the small post bacc.
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