Sep 7, 2015
7th batch, no interviews, no response, applied to 15 schools, 3rd time re-applicant.

Some context: I was accepted my first application cycle but due to some rather unfortunate chain of circumstances, I wasn't able to attend school (this school doesn't accept deferments). Not to mention all this happened in late august (1 day from starting school) which means I was already late when I attempted to apply again and, like clockwork, some more **** hit the fan which left me in a place where I couldn't finish my application (no secondaries were completed). I'm worried that since I'm not really able to explain what happened, many schools might just toss my file into the trash since it looks like I'm just some sort of crazy guy who doesn't know whether or not he wants to get into DS. Perhaps I'm just being a paranoid ****wit by worrying this early in the cycle? It also doesn't help that the first time around I applied 1 month (batch 11?) later and got an interview invite on the 9th of Sept. which is totally out of whack with my current application (batch 7) 0 invites.

3.7 ogpa 3.6 sci 3.8 bcp
19AA 19TS
1k+ volunteer hours
4k+ work hours
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