Should I consider retaking classes?

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Apr 8, 2011
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I am a Sacramento State University Student graduating Spring 2011 with a BA in Biochemistry. I am currently studying for the MCAT and will take it pretty soon. I took a few kaplan mcat pre-tests and scored in the range of 36-41 :).

I have a 3.65 overall GPA and my I think my science GPA needs a little work.

Calc 1: B
Calc 2: A
Physic 1: A
Physics 2:A
Bio : A
Bio: A-
inorganic Chem 1: B+
Inorganic Chem 2: A
O-Chem 1: B+
O-chem 2: B+
Ochem lab: A
sGPA: 3.6 with 44 units

I am wondering if I should bump up my GPA by going to a JC school or should i spend another semester at Sac state. I would really prefer going to a JC because it would really drain out my bank account if I keep going to sacramento state university.

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Nov 21, 2005
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Take the real MCAT and see what you get. I think your science GPA is fine. You won't know anything until you do the real deal and apply. Othewise it's all theoretical.