Should I delay taking the AAMC FLs until after I've done all BR passages?

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Jun 22, 2016
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I've been following the 100 Day MCAT study schedule (The 3 Month (100 Day) MCAT Study Schedule Guide: 2019 Edition • Student Doctor Network) and I'm about to take my first AAMC FL in a few days. I was thinking though, shouldn't I wait until I'm done doing the final 1/3 of BR passages for all 10 chapters of each book, before I start doing the AAMC FLs? I don't see why I would take the first practice AAMC FL exam before I'm done with all of the passages, since my content review is essentially incomplete until then (even though all the reading is done). What did you guys do?

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What do you mean? Like a practice MCAT not from AAMC?

Yep. I wouldn't do AAMC practice tests until you're done with content review and have practiced from a lot of passages and third party tests (like from TPR, NextStep etc.). AAMC tests are closest to the real deal and these should be used once you're prepared.
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I agree with Lawper. Don't use AAMC until you feel ready. I took my first FL before finishing all of my book passages and it help me zero in on what I needed to do better. I used EK and TBR FLs and felt they complemented my learning style well. I took my AAMC exams right before my actual test.